League of Legends: Wild Rift Aatrox Champion Guide


Wild Rift Aatrox

Wild Rift introduced a new champion from patch 3.5, Aatrox. He is a melee bruiser who can play Baron Lane. Here’s a complete guide on how to play Aatrox in Wild Rift including the best runes and build to dominate the game. 

Aatrox Abilities & Skill Order

Aatrox Abilities & Skill Order

Deathbringer Stance (Passive)

Aatrox’s passive, Deathbringer Stance, periodically enhances his next attack to deal with bonus damage and heal himself. Every time Aatrox hits an opponent champion or giant monster with his passive skill, its cooldown is reduced by a few seconds. 

Deathbringer Stance is available for Aatrox to activate every time the yellow bar is full. As mentioned, it is best to find and use it on opponent champions or giant monsters. Not only will it reduce his cooldown with an increased damage deal, but it also increases Aatrox’s healing. 

The Darkin Blade (First Ability)

Aatrox’s Darkin Blade, the first ability, deals physical damage and can be cast twice. Once the swing blade hits the sweet spot, enemies dealt with are knocked airborne and receive bonus damage. The sweet spot of the Darkin Blade can be activated by using the Flash and Umbral Dash to change the blade’s position.

Infernal Chains (Second Ability)

The Infernal Chains enable Aatrox to send chains to its first opponent hit, dealing physical damage and slowing them down for a few seconds. When the opponent champion or large monster is within the impact area by Aatrox’s chain, they will be dragged down to the center and receive damage again. 

Umbral Dash (Third Ability)

Umbral Dash’s active ability enables Aatrox to take control with the direction as he casts his attacks such as Darkin Blade and Infernal Chans, creating more damage to the opponent champion. Aside from that, its passive ability enables Aaatrox to heal after hitting enemies.

World Ender (Ultimate)

The World Ender, Aatrox’s Ultimate, enables him to unleash his demonic form, increasing his attack damage, healing, and movement speed. Simultaneously, it increases the Umbral Dash’s Physical Vamp. This extends by 5s with a takedown up to 10s. 

Aatrox Item Build

Aatrox Recommended Item Build

Recommended Item Build 

  • Black Cleaver

  • Death’s Dance 

  • Sterak’s Gage

  • Gargoyle Enchant 

  • Serylda’s Grudge 

  • Guardian Angel 

Alternative Items 

  • Divine Sunderer 

  • Thornmail

  • Maw of Malmortius

Aatrox Runes & Spells

Aatrox Runes & Spells

  • Conqueror

      • Enables Aatrox to stack Adaptive Force as he hit opponents with his skills and abilities. Max of 6 stacks, and triggers bonus omnivamp in the 6th stack. 
  • Brutal

      • Deals with bonus adaptive damage of 12-19 when hitting opponents with basic attacks. 
  • Adaptive Carapace

      • Enable Aatrox to gain 50 health when his health is already below 50% along with 16 AR or 16 MR based on the damage taken. 
  • Hunter Genius

    • Enable Aatrox to gain 3 ability haste. 

Aatrox Skill Combos

There are 3 skill combos that you can use for Aatrox:

  • Infernal Chains > Darkin Blade > Darkin Blade + Umbral Dash > Darkin Blade
  • Infernal Chains > Umbral Dash (Escape when low health)
  • Ultimate > Infernal Chains > Darkin Blade > Darkin Blade + Umbral Dash > Darkin Blade

Aatrox Pros and Cons


  • Deals with high damage and sustains DPS.
  • First and Third Skill enables his high mobility.
  • Stronger as the game progresses to mid-late game.
  • Great at Split pushing.


  • Easy to kill during the early game.
  • Easy to overextend. 
  • Low engage. 

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