League of Legends: Wild Rift Baron Lane Guide


Wild Rift Baron Lane Guide

League of Legends: Wild Rift is a top-rated game with similar map features as other MOBAs. Baron Lane is one of the most crucial lanes in the game, and every team must know the perfect champion to pick and how to be efficient in this lane to secure the win. 

This blog post will guide you on everything you need to know about Baron Lane. We will also help you choose the best champion for the top lane, how to manage creeps, and a few tips on Counter-picking and being counter-picked.

Wild Rift is divided into three lanes: Baron, Middle, and Dragon Lane. 

Each lane has an ideal champion suited to play. Baron Lane is suitable for champions with a higher winning percentage in 1v1 situations, such as Fighters, Tanks, or Assassins.

Always check your side when you spawn cause Baron Lane may vary if you are on the blue or red side. The blue side is the top, while the red is the bottom Baron Lane.

Baron Lane Role

Playing in Baron Lane requires a unique playstyle. You must simultaneously hold your lane and be aware of your team’s jungler position, helping your jungler to secure the jungle area in the early game by placing wards in the river and tribe bush and giving a good set during team fights in the mid and late games. 

There are two major roles in Baron Lane: split pushing and team fighting tank, or both.

Split Pushing

To be efficient in split pushing, your main objective is to push your lane hard as quickly as possible and destroy the enemy towers. In this way, you will keep the enemy Baron laner against you and will not be able to help their team. When you execute this objective flawlessly, your enemies will have no choice but to stop, giving leverage to your team to get stronger and achieve objectives easier and faster. But make sure that you don’t overstay in the enemy ground when applying pressure, and you need to secure your ward coverage to escape from ganks and join team fights.

Team Fighting Tank

If you’re playing a team fighting tank, your job is to assess who your team carries are and give as much assistance in getting their objectives as early as possible. Diving the enemy backline, setting up an extensive ward coverage, and helping teammates to get the kills will also be crucial. Map awareness is the key to winning games easier if you’re a team fighting tank. Always remember that you must constantly roam, take effect on the map, push your wave and give sets on team fights. When you execute these objectives flawlessly, you will be an efficient Baron laner in no time!

Top Baron Lane Champions to use


Malphite Wild Rift

Malphite is one of the most effective solo laner tank champions in Baron lane. The key to winning the game using Malphite is to survive the early game, farm, and get his core items quickly. If you can do this, Malphite will become the hardest tank in the late game, absorbing most of the enemies’ damage, slowing them, knocking them up, and still surviving.


Garen Wild Rift

Garen is a tank champion. His abilities include becoming immune to enemies for under a second, gaining bonus movement speed, and a spinning bladestorm that deals physical damage up to eight times. His ultimate ability, Demacian Justice, can execute a target enemy by dealing true damage. He is strong in the early game and tanky in the late game.


Darius Wild Rift

Darius is a Baron laner bruiser. His abilities include dealing massive physical damage, hook, slow, and his signature move, Noxian Guillotine. Darius is a melee champion and is suitable for beginners.


Kennen Wild Rift

Kennen is one of the marksmen/mages who can also take on the Baron lane. His abilities specialize in mobility, massive crowd control, and damage. Kennen is efficient against melee champions in the early game because of his range advantage.


Teemo Wild Rift

Teemo is another mage/marksman who can man Baron Lane. To become an effective Teemo user in Baron Lane, you must set up as mushroom traps as possible to lure your enemies into distraction. Teemo is very strong in the early game, so make use of him efficiently.

Managing Creep Waves

One of the skills that Baron laners must have is to master the art of managing creep waves. It takes time and practice. Try these tips until you are the most effective Baron laner.

  • In the early game, let your opponent shove your wave and try to push your turret too early, putting themselves in a risky situation. That would be the best time to set up a gank and get the early kills. 
  • Make the wave as near your turret as possible to have a low chance of being ganked. Use your abilities to keep your enemy champion away from the wave and get the last hits. This way, you can secure the wave while being safe from ganks.
  • Always start with a slow push, hitting only the low HP minions to get a chance to have a larger wave to destroy your opponent’s turret. 
  • To be an effective Baron laner, always communicate with your allied assassins or carries to snag kill opportunities. 

Wild Rift Drafting Guide

One of the most crucial parts of being a Baron laner is understanding the importance of picking,counter-picking, and banning in the drafting phase. Knowing every champion is a must and a skill to learn if you want to get the drafting advantage. Try considering these factors:

  • Counter Champions – Most of the champions have a counter that they’re weak against, so write a list of counter-champions and use it in future draftings.
  • OP Tier List – Refrain from relying so much on the OP tier list. Always remember that anything can happen in the game.
  • Team Roles – Ensure every role in your team drafting is filled. Only select a champion if it is your top pick and you are used to playing with it.
  • Backup Plan – Stay energized if your champion gets banned in the drafting. Always have a backup champion to pick; every player must adjust if this happens. 

Are you overwhelmed by how complex playing Baron laner is? It takes patience and constant practice if you want to take on this role in your team. Share your thoughts and tips to help others become an efficient Baron laner in no time!

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