What type of MLBB player are you?


Different Types of MLBB Players

How many times have you seen a teammate go side by side with Aldous in his lane, competing for minion waves? If you were Aldous, you would’ve smacked that dude with your Soul Steal to make him go away.. As a Mobile Legends player, one of the key things that make a team click is teamwork. On the other hand, being toxic and uncooperative can easily derail your squad’s chances to claim victory. In this post, we listed our own take of the types of MLBB players out there.

Let’s begin with the ones you should team up with.

The Power Carry

You can call this player as your ‘main man’ during the match, your potent damage dealer, your team’s core. This player can be from different classes — marksman, assassin, or in some cases,  mage. Apart from getting triple kills all the way to savages, one thing good about this carry is that he has a clear understanding of his role. He knows who to take down first and when to back down from a clash. It’s a must for every team to have a carry hero.

The Best Supporting Actor Ally

Ah, this player is an expert wingman! He sees to it that your carries get as many kills as possible by supporting and sustaining their damage capabilities during clashes. Another department that he is really good at is at providing a distraction to allow their teammates to escape to safety. This player times his stun and slow effect skills perfectly to assist the team, either to flee or to ambush. He also optimizes the heal and shield abilities to keep their marksman alive for as long as possible.

The Dependable Tank

This tank main is a reliable protector of the team. He babysits your carry heroes to help them clear lanes and farm safely. His ability to initiate clashes with impeccable timing and let the enemy team pour their damage on you will allow your heavy hitters to pounce on free hits. Dependable tanks serve well as frontliners, they know how to maximize crowd control to hold down enemies. Also, what separates a great tank from others is that they know how to box out their own teammates away from a clash for their own safety.

This next bunch is the more exciting one for this list. But take our word for it, you need to be wary of them.

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The Toxic Troll/Thrash Talker

This player has more mouth skills than actual playing skills. As early as the first few seconds of the game, he will start bad mouthing opponents to trigger his own version of psy wars. But not just that, he even has the guts to ridicule his own allies (weaker ones or those with lower ranks or KDAs) if he doesn’t like what he sees during drafting. If you come across this type of player, expect him to chat you his notorious one-liner when he starts to get really pissed off: “Let’s fight 1-on-1!”

The Stealth (and not-so stealth) Stealer

This player has mastered the art of stealing your kills AND buffs. As a KS (kill steal) god, he has the nerves, or shall we say, the talent to take away from your KDA stat a potential kill you’ve worked so hard to achieve. One more kill to get that rare savage? Oops! Sorry, your stealer teammate just made the last hit. When it comes to jungling, even with your most persistent effort to shout ‘RETREAT!’,  the stealer will stick along and make that last hit to snatch the jungle buff away from you.

The Incessant Chatter

We all know that communication is a major key to win in Mobile Legends. You need to talk or chat with your teammates to know and execute the strategy. However, there are some players who use the chat function just to joke around or say something completely senseless. This one does it so many times that he fails to respond in clashes or even get killed because he is so busy tapping on the keyboard to send non-sense stuff. What’s even worse is that he ignorantly chats not knowing he is already sending strategy messages to ALL, straight to enemy reception. *Facepalm

The Oblivious Farmer

This player is very good with one thing – farming. What makes it worse is that all he does is farm, from early game all the way to late game! He is so preoccupied with farming that he fails to participate in the most crucial team battles. And when he realizes it, almost the entire team is already dead. This player has poor map awareness, it does not matter whether the Lord/enemies are near the base as long as he gets all the jungle buffs to himself. Greedy. 

So, if you’ve been frequently paired with the not-so-good ones, we suggest you play more often with your friends. This way, you can all make the necessary adjustments much easier compared to playing with complete strangers. If you randomly match with good players, try adding them and hopefully, they’ll accept and you can team up in the future.

Where do you think you belong as an MLBB player? Share your thoughts with us on Codaclub Community, it’s our newest forum where you can meet and share experiences with fellow Codashop gamers!

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