Into the Abyss: Exploring VALORANT’s Newest Map


VALORANT Abyss MapAgents, lock and load! Are you ready to plunge into the unknown? Unlike anything we’ve seen before, VALORANT’s newest map, Abyss, has burst onto the scene. This isn’t your typical battlefield –  Abyss throws you onto a sprawling, floating research facility, rumoured to house forgotten experiments and harbour shadowy secrets from the group known as the Scions of Hourglass. Navigate the treacherous platforms, secure vantage points offering a new level of gameplay, and prepare for close-quarter combat. Let’s dive deeply into this new map as we explore the secrets of Abyss.

VALORANT Abyss Top View

Abyss Overview

Abyss may look expansive at first glance, but its core layout follows a familiar three-lane structure. But unlike traditional maps, Abyss throws a thrilling curveball – no outer boundaries exist! One wrong step in certain areas, particularly the death-defying Mid section, could send you plummeting to the watery depths below. Be warned, Agents: a strategic jump can lead to tactical dominance, but a miscalculated leap spells instant defeat.

The map’s lore adds another layer of intrigue, tying directly to the shadowy organization the Scions of the Hourglass. This clandestine group has chosen Abyss as their hidden base, a perfect location for their controversial research on Radianite, the mysterious and powerful substance that has reshaped the VALORANT world.

Map Features and Highlights

VALORANT Abyss Platforms

Now that we’ve familiarized ourselves with the general layout and underlying lore let’s delve into the specific features that make Abyss a truly unique battleground. As mentioned earlier, while the map follows a three-lane structure – Mid (Historical Archives), B (Botanical Research), and A (Radianite Lockup) – navigating these seemingly familiar paths becomes an exercise in calculated risk and reward.

The Thrill of the Drop

VALORANT Abyss Mid Library

Remember that death-defying Mid section? This isn’t just a cosmetic quirk – it’s a core gameplay mechanic. The edges of the map are no different, as you can be easily pushed or tricked into falling to your death by other players. In Abyss, a single misstep can mean an untimely demise. However, there’s a silver lining for the courageous Agent. Jump shortcuts strategically placed around these perilous edges and designated Danger and Secret positions offer daring players a chance to outmaneuver their opponents with well-timed leaps.  Remember, practice makes perfect – a miscalculated jump here could spell instant defeat.

Branching Paths and Long-Range Battles

VALORANT Abyss Layout Map

The central Mid area boasts multiple branching paths, creating a dynamic battlefield where Agents can engage in close-quarter skirmishes or fight for control of high vantage points. Here, expect long-range battles to dominate the meta, making sniper rifles a valuable asset for any team composition. So, dust off your trusty Operator and prepare to test your marksmanship skills in the sprawling expanse of Abyss.

Two Spike Sites, Endless Strategies

Like other VALORANT maps, Abyss features two spike sites – A and B – offering attackers strategic opportunities to breach enemy defences. Conversely, Defenders will need to adapt their strategies to account for the unique layout and potential flanking routes created by the jump shortcuts. Mastering map control and these high-risk, high-reward maneuvers will be the key to dominating the Abyss.

Conquering the Abyss – Essential Tips and Tricks

Abyss may be a breathtaking new frontier, but navigating its corridors requires a unique tactical approach. Here are some essential tips to help you emerge victorious from the watery battlefield:

Embrace the Drop – The lack of boundaries in certain areas isn’t just a hazard; it’s a strategic opportunity!  Agents with abilities that can displace enemies, like Breach’s Rolling Thunder or Astra’s Gravity Well, can use them to their advantage, sending foes to their demise.

Use Teleportation and Movement Skills  – Characters like Omen and Jett can leverage their teleportation and movement abilities to great effect on Abyss. Imagine flanking the enemy team from behind by teleporting across the map’s open spaces  – a well-timed repositioning maneuver can instantly turn the tide of battle.


Mind the Gap – Planting or defusing the Spike can be a particularly nerve-wracking experience in Abyss. Be extra cautious of your positioning, as a single misplaced step can send you (and potentially the Spike) plummeting to your doom. Remember, a well-coordinated enemy push could send you flying off the map before you even have a chance to detonate.

Penetrating Power – While close-quarters combat will undoubtedly erupt on Abyss, the map’s expansive layout also favours long-range engagements. Equipping yourself with medium to high wall penetration weapons, like rifles or even an Odin, will prove highly beneficial.  Being able to pierce through walls and environmental clutter can give you a significant edge in these open areas.

Remember, these are just a starting point. You’ll undoubtedly discover even more creative strategies and tactics as you explore Abyss.

Top Agents for Abyss

VALORANT Agents for Abyss

With its unique layout, focus on long-range battles and potential for environmental kills, Abyss demands a specific type of Agent to excel truly. Here are some standouts who will thrive in the sunken depths:

Duelists:  Jett’s exceptional mobility via Updraft and Drift makes her a natural fit for navigating treacherous jumps and flanking enemies. Phoenix’s Hot Hands can be a powerful tool for flushing out defenders from tight corners, while Reyna’s Leer can help control key sightlines and deny long-range duels.

Initiators:  Breach’s Fault Line and Rolling Thunder become even more potent on Abyss, allowing for strategic pushes and potential environmental kills. On the other hand, Skye’s Guiding Light can flash enemies, opening them up to a coordinated strike from your teammates.

Controllers:  Omen’s Dark Cover will be invaluable for controlling sightlines and flanking enemies on the open Mid section. At the same time, his Paranoia is the perfect mobility skill in and around the map. Viper’s Poison Cloud can be strategically placed to deny key areas or secure risky jumps.

Sentinels:  Chamber’s Trademark and Headhunter excel on long sightlines, making him a defensive powerhouse on both A and B sites.

Abyss is a bold new step for VALORANT, a map that throws out the traditional rulebook and plunges players into a strategic dance with death (or at least a very watery bath).  Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a fresh recruit, there’s something to learn and conquer in this floating fortress. 

So, what are you waiting for? Fire up VALORANT, queue up for a match, and prepare to be challenged in this exciting new environment.  Also, remember to top up your VALORANT Points only from Codashop to snag some new skins to rock in while playing in Abyss.



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