VALORANT Jett Agent Guide


VALORANT Jett Agent Guide

The quintessential VALORANT Duelist, Jett, is one of the hardest to master in the game among the Duelists. However, she has the highest pick rate among all Agents in all skill levels. At one point, she had the highest pick rate in professional tournaments until Chamber appeared on the roster. As one of the starting Agents as players start their first steps in VALORANT, Jett may be a daunting experience compared to Sage, Sova, Brimstone, and Phoenix. In this article, we will guide you through the basics of using Jett and some intermediate tips on how to maximize her value in every round.

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Who is Jett?

Hailing from South Korea, Jett (Agent code: 10; real name: Sunwoo Han) can channel the wind to her advantage. She has some friendly, sometimes bordering rivalry, interactions with Phoenix. Her backstory involves her destroying the restaurant she was working in after finding out about her wind-like Radiant power and running away to avoid further damage. She was then recruited as the tenth Agent in the VALORANT Protocol by Brimstone and was given the codename Jett.

The explosion at Venice, in which Phoenix tried to pursue a Jett look-alike, prompted Jett to be on the run after being outcast as a dangerous Radiant. Once the smoke cleared, and it was clarified that the Jett look-alike was a mirror image of her from Omega Earth, Jett still preferred to be on the run because she still carried the public opinion that she was a dangerous Radiant.


Jett is highly-confident and cocky. But she cares about teamwork and camaraderie. Her trait of running away shows she does not want to involve more loved ones in her troubles. However, this also translates to her losing the concept of why she was recruited in the VALORANT Protocol in the first place: to have a sense of belonging and a family.

Jett is very aggressive in the game and always gets the first kill. She can get out of duels using her abilities. Despite this, using her may have a high learning curve due to her options and being the Agent optimized for use with the strongest weapon in the game: Operator.


In the game, Jett utilizes the power of the wind to create a smoke-like cover (Cloudburst), lets her traverse the ground in all four axes (Tailwind), and allows her to soar to the air (Updraft) and glide (Drift). We will explain each of them in this section.

    • Drift – Among all Agents in VALORANT, Jett has a unique Passive ability that she can use without relying on other utilities. By pressing and holding the jump button (Space), Jett can glide until she reaches the ground.
  • Cloudburst (C) – Jett can cast a smoke cover in a targeted area. Lasts 4.5 seconds. Cast and activate using C. Same button can be held, and the mouse can be swiped left or right for the smoke to curve. It can be used two times. Costs 200 Credits each.
  • Updraft (Q) – Launches Jett mid-air. It can be used in conjunction with her other abilities. It can be used two times. Costs 150 Credits each.
  • Tailwind (E) – An instant dash move that Jett can use to reposition. It can go in four directions: front, back, left, and right. Activate using E for an initial gust of wind wind-up. Activate again using E to dash in the specified direction. If Jett is standing still, Tailwind goes forward. Charges after two kills.
  • Blade Storm (X) – Equip five knives with high accuracy in each shot. The primary fire button shoots one knife that recharges with each kill; the the alternate fire button shoots all five knives simultaneously and does not recharge. It costs 7 ultimate points.

Best and Worst Maps for Jett

Jett has a high pick rate among Agents in all skill levels until the arrival of Chamber and Neon. Her ways of repositioning using either Updraft or Tailwind gave her a “get out of jail” card, especially when using the Operator. However, as of Patch 6.03, her pick rate has declined considerably. She still has a high pick rate in Split, Haven, Ascent, Pearl, and Icebox. Her usage is situational in Lotus and rarely gets picked in Fracture (in favor of Neon or Raze). 

Despite this, Jett is very useful in all maps and has a high value due to her specialty and ability to be a dedicated Operator player.

Best Time to Pick Jett

There’s only one reason to pick Jett: if you know how to use the Operator. Otherwise, you’re better off with other Agents. Anything short of her using the Operator may lose her value. Of course, you can still be a rifle user and get some value from Jett. 

Tips & Tricks

Using Jett depends on your ability to react after getting frags and your ability to use the Operator. I can not stress the last point enough. But, for uniformity and general usage, any player can use and utilize Jett to her potential. Using her repositioning abilities – Updraft and Tailwind – also requires some spatial awareness. You might get into a tight spot and have no options to escape.

Cloudburst can provide a one-way smoke for her, especially on Ascent’s A Main. But, for the most part, Cloudburst provides Jett a cover to reposition. Since the duration of the smoke is shorter than those used by the Controller Agents, we can safely say that Jett’s smoke is only for her own good.

You can get used to Blade Storm by going to The Range and practicing it on the dummy bots since the knives refill using the primary fire button. I recommend Swiftplay or Spike Rush to get used to any Agent, including Jett.

Jett specializes in getting into the high ground or off-angles using her abilities. Use these more often to get on top of unpredictable spots.

You can try out the “KZ” course in The Range to practice her Updraft, Tailwind, and Drift. KZ course is designed as a puzzle and a way to test how you move and jump. While all Agents can finish the course, Jett can, technically, cheat her way through it using her skills. The video provided in this article will show you both the dummy bot training and the KZ course.

Please take note, though, she can not revive teammates unless they’re KAY/O.


There’s a reason why Jett is VALORANT’s poster girl. Her cool and arrogant demeanor, the always-on-the-run character, and her abilities that benefit the team give her the edge over other Agents in VALORANT. In the game, however, she can be difficult to master. Getting used to her may take a while, especially since her repositioning tools may be a hindrance at first. But, despite that, learning Jett is a rewarding experience. She may even be your go-to Duelist.

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