Ares vs. Spectre: The Epic Save Round Showdown


VALORANT Ares vs Spectre (1)
VALORANT is a highly competitive team-based first-person shooter developed by Riot Games. It combines precise gunplay, unique agent abilities, and strategic gameplay, making it a favorite among ESports enthusiasts. This article will explore which weapon fits your playstyle in VALORANT’s save rounds. We will look into the suitability of the Ares and Spectre in save rounds to determine your ideal choice. 

What is Save Round?

Save round is one of the most crucial scenarios VALORANT matches. These rounds occur when a team needs more credits to purchase high-tier weapons and armor. Instead, players must opt for cost-effective weaponry and minimal armor to save their credits for future rounds.

Gun Comparison

  • Ares: Heavy Machine Gun


With a 50-round magazine and an additional 100 reserve bullets, the Ares stands tall as a heavy machine gun in VALORANT. This weapon caters to players who embrace the “spray and pray” playstyle, allowing them to barrage bullets at their enemies. The Ares also has impressive penetration power, allowing it to pierce through thick walls and boxes in VALORANT. This penetration capability provides an advantage when enemies hide behind cover or attempt to hold defensive positions. One drawback of the Ares is its recoil, causing bullets to follow a zigzag pattern during sustained fire, making it challenging to control. Additionally, its equip speed is slower than the Spectre’s, and players may feel a slight decrease in movement speed while carrying the Ares, making it hard and almost impossible to counter-strafe. However, these are normal considering the characteristic of the gun.

  • Spectre: SMG 

SPECTERContrasting the Ares, the Spectre features a 30-round magazine with 90 reserve bullets, offering a slightly lower ammunition capacity and reduced penetration power. However, the Spectre compensates with its advantages. It exhibits a recoil pattern similar to the Phantom, making it easier to handle. I personally see this gun as a “mini-phantom” due to its similarities. The Spectre outshines the Ares in terms of accuracy, equip speed, and movement speed while held. Unlike the Ares, Spectre excels in scenarios requiring counter strafing and precise peeking rather than spraying.The primary drawback of the Spectre weapon lies in its limited range. Engaging foes from a distance requires to use of an ADS. However, due to its bullet spread, and recoil, using the Spectre for long-range engagements becomes challenging. Spectre is primarily suited for combat situations within close to medium ranges.

Analysis Based on In-Game Experience 

During my earlier stages in VALORANT, Ares became my preferred choice during save rounds. The primary reason behind this was its higher bullet count and superior penetration power. Lacking proficiency in aiming at that time, I relied on the Ares’ ammunition, hoping to eliminate enemies before my magazines ran off. However, as my gameplay progressed, I gradually transitioned toward the Spectre. For me, Spectre is a more versatile weapon that facilitates swift movement. It enabled me to do effective counter-strafing and proved advantageous in close-quarters engagements. The Spectre resembled a rifle with slightly reduced damage output and a shorter effective range, in my opinion. 

Final Verdict: Which Gun is better during save round?


In my opinion, the Spectre surpasses the Ares as the superior choice. This decision is reinforced by observing professional players who frequently favor the Spectre. The Ares can be seen as more suitable for beginners. However, the decisive factor for me is Spectre’s accuracy. Notably, the first three bullets fired from the Spectre are tightly grouped, nearly hitting the same spot. In contrast, the Ares exhibits a wider spread, posing a challenge to hit enemies precisely.


How bout you? What is your go-to gun during save round. We would love to hear your opinion in the comments below. 

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