VALORANT ACT 2: Spread joy with the new agent, battle pass and exclusive skins



August started off with a bang with the release of VALORANT’s Act 2 and the addition of Killjoy – the 12th agent – being its most notable feature.

The new act, which will run until the 13th of October, is broken into 10 chapters. Each chapter comprises five premium tier rewards and a free chapter completion reward. Grind the new Battle Pass and unlock ultra-cool weapon skin lines.

Say hello to Killjoy

The game finally introduced its defensive whiz in Killjoy. This inventor is a territorial agent who uses killer tech. She gets the edge when she knows where enemies are striking next. The ability to defend planted spikes, force enemies to come out of hiding and fight in her own space is where she reigns superior.

Her skills include:
Alarmbot: Equips a covert Alarmbot that hunts down enemies within range.
Nanoswarm: Nanoswarm grenade deploys a swarm of dangerous nanobots when activated.
Turret: Equipped turret fires a 180-degree cone that deals damage to a single enemy at a time.
Lockdown: This ultimate detains enemies caught within its radius.

New Battle Pass

For newbies, the Battle Pass is a form of progression through tiers in VALORANT. The system allows players to collect weapon skins and charms, player cards, sprays and more. Weapons can then be evolved using Radianite Points obtained in every act or bought directly from the store.

The Act 2 Battle Pass costs 1000 VALORANT Points (about $10). Players who upgrade can unlock three new skin lines: POLYfox (Guardian, Bulldog, Sheriff, Judge), Hivemind (Vandal, Shorty, Ares, Spectre, Knife) and Red Alert (Classic, Bucky, Operator, Stinger). Besides cosmetic items, Act 2 will also have more features to unlock Radianiate Points, which are very handy for weapon upgrades.

There’s also the Japanese neon themed skinpack called Glitchpop (based on its glitchy holo visuals). The skins are available for the Frenzy (pistol), Judge (shotgun), Bulldog (assault rifle), Odin (LMG) and a melee weapon (knife). The set will also include a Glitchpop card, a gun buddy, and a spray. Bundle cost is 8700 VP (about $90).

New game mode

VALORANT has also announced a new game mode called Deathmatch. Available in beta, this free-for-all rumble will feature 10 players going on solo with absolutely no abilities. The only objective is to take down an enemy that pops up on sight. Players get infinite money and can buy any weapon they want. It’s the ultimate test of wits and flicks for all gunslingers out there.

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