Top up and Get 20% Bonus Cash for 7 Days | Rise of Empires: Samurai Era


NEW GAME ALERT ? VGN has just launched its new game, Rise of Empires: Samurai Era!

About Rise of Empires: Samurai Era

It is a turn-based RPG samurai game with a Japanese cultural theme with a unique art style.The main objective of this Samurai game is to raise our empire to dominate the Sengoku Basara era.

This turn-based mobile game will give you strategic experience with a variety of famous Sengoku Basara characters like warrior, summoner, and ninja which make the game’s fun to play. Join the battle with other players, win the clash games between these legend clans, and collect your favorite lord and knights to form a mighty squad with the help of Shikigami beside you!

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