Ragnarok X Guild System Explained


Ragnarok X Guild System

The guild system is a hallmark of the Ragnarok Online experience not only because it’s where you can find friends to share your journey with but also because it’s one of the main ways to get stronger. Although it is possible to play the game solo, the resources and additional content you unlock by joining a guild can speed up your progression tenfold.

How to start a guild 

The guild system opens when you reach Level 20. You’ll need 600,000 Zeny and an Emperium, which you can buy from the Sundries Store in Prontera for another 300,000 Zeny. Just click the Guild icon from the drop-down menu on the right side of your screen to start your own guild.

How to level up your guild 

Levelling up your guild expands the member limit, increasing your chances of winning Guild Wars. Encourage your guild members to finish Guild Orders daily to accumulate funds and increase your guild level. Guilds also have maintenance costs, so keeping your members active is beneficial to cover these costs.

Rox Guild Order

Guild perks and activities

Guild Blessings

Completing Guild Orders rewards members with Guild Contributions and Enlightenment Coins. Guild Contributions are used to buy Guild Blessings, which are permanent stat increases for your character. The following stats can be increased by 10 with each Guild Blessing purchase:

  • Physical Attack
  • Magical Attack
  • Defense
  • Magical Defense
  • Max HP
  • Max SP
  • Physical Penetration
  • Magical Penetration
  • Hit
  • Flee
  • Crit
  • Anti-crit

Rox Guild Blessings

Guild Pass 

On the other hand, Enlightenment Coins are used to level up the Guild Pass. The Guild Pass offers a lot of progression materials like Life Supply Packs, Dead Branches, and a variety of refinement materials.

Rox Guild Pass

Otherworld Gate

The Otherworld Gate is a Boss Rush type of dungeon exclusive to guild members. It’s unlocked at Guild Level 2, and with it, you can earn Shadow Equipment refinement materials and Guild Contributions.

Rox Otherworld Gate

Guild KVM 

If you play Ragnarok X: Next Generation for the PVP, you need to try the Kreiger Von Midgard mode. The KVM is a 5v5 match between guilds. Winning KVM Matches increases your Guild Rank, putting your name higher on the guild list. 

Guild Wars

A Ragnarok game isn’t complete without Guild Wars. Siege a castle and take control of the city to earn GvG Participation Chests and City Owner Chests to obtain more Guild Contributions and Shadow Equipment materials. 

We hope you learned more about Ragnarok X Guild System in this article. Remember to top up your Ragnarok X: Next Generation Diamonds only on Codashop to enjoy a fast, safe, and hassle-free gaming experience.