PUBG Mobile Summer Bundle sale: Up to 60% off


Huge discount awaits PUBG Mobile players! Save up to 60% when you buy in bundles!

The more you buy, the better the discount! Buy 1 item at 10% off, buy 2 items at 30% off, buy 3 items at 60% off! And it won’t be easy to choose which ones to buy. Here are some of the featured items:

Enraged Unicorn cover
Ski Patrol Set
Goth Punk Set
Desert Ranger Set
Enraged Unicorn Set
Barmaid Top
Barmaid Skirt
Red Menace Outfit
Lobster Cover
And many more!

All of these are available at Midasbuy, don’t forget to pay through Coda channels!
Note: the link can only be accessed through mobile.