PUBG Mobile Lite: How to survive till dawn against the living dead


Survive Till Dawn

One spooky way to mark Halloween this year is to play PUBG Mobile Lite’s ‘Survive Till Dawn’. In this mode, you team up with other players to stay alive and defend against zombies for 2 nights while killing enemies during the day. Last man standing wins.

In this post, we’ll share with you how to make it through the crossfire of the living and the living dead. Gear up and be on high alert for you don’t want to be the next one to bite the dust.

How to play the Zombie Mode

While competing against ‘normal’ players is quite a thrill, surviving amidst a horde of zombies makes it more exhilarating and an absolute blast. Here’s how you can play Survive Till Dawn.

  1. Open your PUBG Mobile Lite. Make sure you have the updated version (0.19.0) to access this mode.
  2. On the top left part of your screen, click on the mode selection menu.
  3. Select Survive Till Dawn under the arcade section. Make sure that you’re level 10 to unlock this mode.
  4. Hit start and you’re on your way to headshot zombies hellbent on eating your brains!

Preparation is everything

Two nights in Erangel spell the difference as you take on the zombie mode. The first night might be easy with zombies still getting their bearings. Prepare well during the morning, pack wisely and make sure to loot all the essential weapons and ammos that have dropped from the undead. Expect the second night to be ruthless with more formidable zombies to take on. Keep an eye out for that flamethrower for good measure.

Run and gun

There’s no better way to survive zombies than by running away. While you’re at it, shoot them down with what you’ve got. Be extra careful that you don’t get sideswiped by one. Make sure that you and your team have a way out in case you get cornered. Use the element of surprise (or stealth) to kill zombies. Unlike normal enemies, zombies are just out there to kill, making them an easy target. As the golden rule, always go for the headshot. It’s the most efficient way to kill them. They also normally run in a straight line so that should make it easier.

Shoot and Reload!

As we all know, zombies stop at nothing unless you blow their heads off to bits. To be able to survive this one hell of a night, arm yourself at all times. Do not be picky. Pick up a gun whether it’s a pistol, rifle or SMG and shoot like there’s no tomorrow. Reload like crazy because when they start charging towards you, these creatures are relentless! 

Anti-Zombie Zeal of Approval

Special items are also available for this mode. First on the list is the Liquid Nitrogen Mine. Zombies that step on this freezes on a certain duration, giving you enough time to kill or escape.  The Shock Ammo helps you to defect zombies by emitting waves that stun and knock back the undead. Use the Bio Ammo to emit waves that heal your nearby allies periodically. Kinetic Ammo enhances your shot for a short period of time which then explodes and deals area damage to the enemies. And finally the Noise Ammo which generates sound waves to detect zombies and slow down their movement. Make sure to use all these items carefully and strategically to increase your chances of survival.

Parting tips

Use a vehicle to block off zombies and then spray them with bullets.

When all else fails, try hiding underwater. Zombies cannot swim.

Always keep in mind all the threats, not just zombies. Remember that the goal is to be the last man standing.