Dinoground: PUBG Mobile 2.6 Update & Exciting Events!


PUBG-Dinoground-Event (1)Prepare for an extraordinary experience as PUBG Mobile, the globally popular mobile game, prepares to launch its latest update, version 2.6. This update takes players on a captivating journey to the ancient world by bringing new map features. The game’s World of Wonder also enters its next phase, bringing exciting enhancements to map editing and game mode design features. Brace yourself for an epic adventure and unleash your creativity in this thrilling evolution of PUBG Mobile.


Unveiling the Dinoground

PUBG Mobile’s Version 2.6 Update is set to transport players back in time with the thrilling Dinoground event, running from May 16th to June 18th, 2023. Throughout this designated period, players will have the exhilarating opportunity to explore Dino Settlements within Erangel and Livik maps, each brimming with precious resources waiting to be discovered.

Dinoground Adventure

During the Dinoground event, players should be on the lookout for dino settlements on both the Erangel and Livik maps. These settlements offer a treasure trove of supplies that players can loot. If you and your squad are up for the challenge, keep an eye out for the T-Rex that spawns within the dino settlements’ keeps. Bust down the door and ride the mighty beast as your noble steed, ready to conquer the battlefield.

In addition to the dino settlements, Erangel features Primal Zones where players can tame and mount pterosaurs and velociraptors to gain an advantage in battle. The velociraptors are known for their speed and impressive jumping abilities, while the pterosaurs dominate the skies, capable of airlifting teammates to safety or delivering a devastating aerial assault on foes.

To add even more excitement, there are dino-themed minigames available. One such challenge is the Pterosaur Hoops Challenge. Mount your pterosaur and fly through as many hoops hanging from hot air balloons as possible within the given time limit. Successfully completing this challenge rewards players with dino treasure supplies. Keep an eye out for dino treasure drops as well, which can be reached using the jumping skills of your trusty velociraptor.

Dinosaur Mounts

Velociraptor Mount:

  • A strong and agile ground mount for one player, capable of easily traversing different terrains and jumping onto higher platforms.

Pterosaur Mount:

  • A flying mount for one player, allowing free flight within a specific altitude range. It can dash in a specific direction and grab and carry players or enemies on the ground.
  1. Rex Mount:
  • Can randomly spawn in a Dino Settlement. It can be defeated to become a mount. It accommodates one rider and three passengers. The T. Rex’s skills include a continuous roaring attack and a speed-boosting dash. Both abilities can be canceled at any time.

Brand New Environment

  • Dino Settlement: A 90×90-themed area brimming with supplies where players and their teammates can ride a large T. Rex that spawns in the Fossil Keep.
  • Primal Zone: Scattered across the map, players can defeat and tame pterosaurs and velociraptors in the smaller themed areas of the Primal Zone. Additionally, the Primal Zone offers mini-games such as Pterosaur Hoops, Velociraptor Jumping, and Dino Hatchery.

Dinosaur-Themed Events

  • Pterosaur Hoops: Explore the Primal Zones to find hoops hanging from hot air balloons. Take control of a Pterosaur and engage in this mini-game. Within a specific time limit, your performance will determine the Dino Treasure rewards you receive. Once you land, open the Dino Treasure to obtain incredible supplies.
  • Velociraptor Jumping: In the Primal Zones, you’ll discover high platforms with Dino Treasures. Mount a Velociraptor and use its jumping abilities to reach these platforms. Once there, open the treasure and claim your rewards.

Gather your friends and dive into the action of this exciting update! Capture and utilize dinosaurs to gain an edge in the game. Share your epic adventures in the comments below and let the gaming community join in the excitement!

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