Mobile Legends Yin Guide: Best build, emblem, combos, and gameplay tips to win


Mobile Legends recently released one of the unique fighters in the Land of Dawn with Yin. This gifted Kungfu boy possessed by an Evil God can pull and trap enemies in another domain using his ultimate. When Yin changes to his other form, the evil Lieh, all hell breaks loose as he erupts with stronger skills and extra defense. Be wary of his fists and those glowing rings around his arms; they are lethal with every strike!

The Martial Genius is a solid choice for players who enjoy targeting and picking off enemy carries, given his fantastic skillset. This fighter can wreak havoc in battle from hard crowd control, increased damage, sustain, and his 1v1 ultimate. Learn more about Yin’s skills, best build, recommended emblem, and battle spells, as well as tips to help you dominate the game.

How to win in MLBB using Yin


Yin’s Skills / Abilities

Leave It To Me

Yin deals 12% increased damage when there are no allied heroes within 4 yards.

Charged Punch

Charged Punch (Yin): Yin gains 60% extra Movement Speed (decays over 3 seconds).

Yin can launch an enhanced Basic Attack that deals 25 (+100% Extra Physical ATK) Physical Damage within the duration. Upon hitting an enemy with the enhanced Basic Attack, it will throw another charged punch forward, dealing 360 (+200% Extra Physical ATK) Physical Damage to enemies in the path. Successfully throwing a charged punch reduces the skill’s cooldown by 35%.

Frenzy Strike

Frenzy Strike (Lieh): Lieh smashes an area ahead of up to 10 times, each smash dealing 130 (+110% Extra Physical ATK) Physical Damage to enemies hit and slowing them by 75% for 0.2 seconds. Lieh is immune to control effects for the duration, while the smashing speed will gradually increase. The first half of the attacks will automatically lock onto nearby enemies, while the latter cannot change directions. Lieh can move or cast other skills during the latter half to cancel the skill early.

Instant Blast

Instant Blast (Yin): Yin dashes forward, leaving a Golden Ring behind while dealing 75 (+35% Extra Physical ATK) Physical Damage to enemies along the way. He gains 25% extra Damage Reduction for 4 seconds if an enemy hero is hit. After 1 second, the Golden Ring will catch up with Yin, dealing 150 (+70% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies it passes through and stunning them for 1 second.

Instant Blast

Instant Blast (Lieh): Lieh strikes a flying kick forward, leaving a Golden Ring behind while dealing 75 (+35% Extra Physical ATK) Physical Damage to enemies along the way. Enemies hit will also be knocked back slightly. He gains 25% extra Damage Reduction for 4 seconds if an enemy hero is hit. After 1 second, the Golden Ring will catch up with Lieh, dealing 150(+70% Extra Physical ATK) Physical Damage to enemies it passes through and stunning them for 1.25 seconds.

My Turn

My Turn: After a short delay, Yin pulls an enemy (excluding pets and clones) into his domain for up to 8 seconds and turns Lieh. When in the domain, the two cannot be affected by other heroes’ skills. Lieh has stronger skills and 20 extra Physical Defense and Magic Defense.

The domain will end early if any of the two heroes is killed. If Lieh successfully kills the enemy, he’ll restore 20% Max HP, leave the domain with the cooldowns of Frenzy Strike and Instant Blast reset, and continue to fight as Lieh for 8 seconds. If Yin fails to pull his target into his domain, the skill will enter a 3-second cooldown.


Yin Play Style


Burst | Control


Skill Effects

Yin Skill Upgrade

Prioritize unlocking Yin’s First Skill and upgrade it to the max. Unlock his Second Skill next and upgrade accordingly. Unlock Ultimate at level 4 and upgrade whenever available.

Yin First Skill

Best Lane for Yin

You can play Yin in the Experience Lane to level up fast or do Gold Lane as an offlaner.

Yin Best Lane

Best Battle Spell for Yin

Flicker is an excellent option to enable Yin to surprise attack an enemy and then follow it up with his Ultimate to force them in a 1v1.

When played as a Jungler, use Retribution to farm jungle creeps quickly. This compliments his passive skill that grants increased damage when he is alone.

Alternately, Execute can also secure kills, especially during his Ultimate.

Best Emblem Set for Yin

It is recommended that you use the Assassin Emblem for Yin. Allot talent points on:

  • Bravery to increase Movement Speed and help to chase enemies.
  • Invasion to enhance Physical Penetration that can boost your Second Skill
  • High and Dry to increase damage by 7% when the target is alone. It works well with Yin’s Passive too.

Assassin Emblem

Best Item Build for Yin

The best item build for Yin revolves around two core items: War Axe and Hunter Strike

With War Axe, the longer Yin fights, the stronger it gets. It grants extra Physical Attack and Penetration and also enhances Movement Speed. In detail, the War Axe provides:

*+35 Physical Attack
*+550 HP
*10% CD Reduction

Hunter Strike also grants the user additional Physical Attack and increases Movement Speed.

*+80 Physical Attack
*+10% CD Reduction

Yin Best Item Build

You can build up Yin by going for more potent, offensive items to ensure that you can finish off your enemies quickly. You can also throw in some defensive items to improve your survival when the game is on the line. Complete his build by adding:

Warriors Boots: To stack Physical Defense and get extra MOvement Speed.
Blade of Despair: To get the highest Physical Attack and additional Movement Speed.
Rose Gold Meteor: For Magic Defense (generate Shield with low HP) and Physical Lifesteal
Malefic Roar: To increase Physical Penetration to dominate in team fights.
Immortality: For an extra life to survive intense fights.

Yin Skill Combo

A simple yet effective skill combo for Yin is Skill 1 + Skill 2. Once the enemy is stunned, go for the Ultimate to trap the target to a 1v1. Pound your opponent with Lieh’s Instant Blast and deliver the killer blow with Frenzy Strike.

Yin Pros and Cons

To sum it all up, Yin is a pretty good fighter with tremendous crowd control, serious burst damage, and slow and stun abilities. You also wouldn’t have to worry about mana use as he doesn’t make use of it.

In contrast, his enemies can easily avoid Yin’s skills, especially those with good mobility (like Assassins). He may also not be as effective during a 5v5 combat setup.

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