Mobile Legends: Who Got Nerfed Most in 2020?


Mobile Legends - Nerfed

Nerf: “To nerf, to be nerfed (verb)”. In the world of computer gaming, a nerf is a change to a game that downgrades the power or effectiveness of a specific element (character, weapon, etc.) in an attempt to achieve balance. In contrast, Buff, in general, is when a gaming characteristic or statistic has been enhanced. In this post, let’s look at some heroes who have been zapped by the nerf gun more frequently than others this year. Because they also need to have their feet (and power) back on the ground.

Heroes downgraded

The following heroes (out of 101 in the Original Server), have been adjusted for they have overpowered their opposition at some point. The adjustments aimed to bring them back to reasonable levels. You might be surprised who made it to the list.
(Inclusions were based on how frequent they have been nerfed with every patch notes this year)


Ling. The perennial assassin poster boy has been the subject of numerous adjustments the whole year-round. His Defiant Sword has created staggering damage while his superb sword ultimate Tempest of Blades has been dominating hapless opponents all too often. Sorry bro, you need to calm down!

MLBB - Hero

Helcurt. Has anyone seen this Shadowbringer in ranked matches for the longest time? We guess not. Helcurt has been a force to reckon with especially when he has been sustained with buffs and has completed his respective item build. His Deadly Stinger has been so OP, it had to be toned down on several occasions. Imagine being on the receiving end of his lethal stinger, an average hero can literally drop dead with just a single flick. Yikes!


Masha. Masha is the Queen of Push, if there is anything else more suitable than that. Three HP  bars, physical lifesteal, plus movement speed. Besides being a wild berserker, Masha has a tremendous ability to push and take enemy objectives. Blink and you might find yourself with one less tower. Thus her Wild Power and HP regen have been significantly adjusted. Fair enough?


X.Borg. This pyro teen has been a sweeping headache for other heroes. His Fire Missiles make it very difficult for others to even lay a finger on him, thus it had to be nerfed. His self-destructing ultimate in Last Insanity is even more insane, as it can shock a hero to death with true damage if not protected properly. We guess Moonton doused him with cold water to level the playing field.

Notable Mention: Hilda the savage brawler has been a significant threat during the upper half of the year. Most of her skills have been subjected to adjustments for others to keep up.


Pharsa. No one should take Pharsa and her feathers lightly. Her ultimate skill terrifyingly called Feathered Air Strike, has the capacity to wipe out everyone caught under the air-raid assault during teamfights. Its booming sound alone is enough to make players get out of the way. The magic damage had to be culled.


Notable Mention: There was a time when the son of flames Valir pestered us big time with his Burst Fireball. His Searing Torrent with its knockback effect was also too annoying. Cool down bro!


Bruno. Our athletic friend is not playing around. Bruno’s marksmanship skills have pierced numerous opponents. His Volley Shot has impaired enemies with Physical Damage way too much. The critical chance brought by his Mecha Legs has also been a major concern for others. Moonton had to bench him for a while.

Notable Mention: Pretty boy Claude has been a sight for sore eyes with his rapid-fire ultimate Blazing Duet. Therefore, Dexter (and their physical damage) had to be disciplined.


It’s been a tough year for our tank heroes. They’ve been subjected to most nerfs to make them less tanky.

Esmeralda. Already one of the heavyweight heroes in the game, Esmeralda can protect herself from ganking and can go toe to toe with anyone. Her Frostmoon Shield has been adjusted to limit her shield gain and movement speed. Her damage (both physical and magic) from her Second Skill has also been nerfed to make it more tolerable for the opposition.


Khufra. It seems like the desert heroes have been on the receiving end of nerfing this 2020. Khufra’s effectiveness has been adjusted, in particular his Bouncing Ball. Its attack and defense elements have been really hard to crack, moreover annoying. His ultimate also has many scratching their heads, it had to be rectified.

Notable Mention: When it comes to being tough and tanky, Uranus. His base physical defense had to be adjusted together with his ultimate that helps him with HP regen.

Has your main hero been a subject of multiple nerfs this year? Think you’ve been nerfed in life this year? How did you adjust? 

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