The Weakest Heroes in Mobile Legends You Need to Avoid!


MLBB Weakest Heroes

Mobile Legends features several OP characters that can crush the competition and some MLBB weakest heroes. The powerful ones are either banned or prioritized, while players in ranked matches ignore the vulnerable ones. As the current list of heroes available on the official server continues to grow (115), let’s talk about some heroes that you should think about before you pick.

As the game’s meta evolves, we’re still hoping that these underrated heroes will get their big break, in the form of buffs and adjustments, pretty soon.


MLBB Minsitthar

With his patent spear, the Courageous Warrior has a decent skill set for a fighter – an initiator with crowd control abilities. The dilemma with using this hero is that his skills are predictable and easy to avoid. You’ll also notice that his skills are slow to cast and that his passive (buff) does not do great wonders. It’s no surprise his popularity has dipped further down the standings.


MLBB Hanabi
For a marksman not to have any blink or dash skill, that spells trouble. Indeed, The Scarlet Sakura is loaded with reap/damage capabilities and late-game prowess. Still, her poor mobility makes her an easy target for agile assassins and fighters, given her fragile HP. If Hanabi does not have a decent tank to bodyguard her during the game, that’s another problem. We are eagerly waiting for her revamp to happen, so keep those fingers crossed!



If we’re not mistaken, there was a time when Gord was considered a threat. But, as the game evolved, it seemed like the Professor of the Mystic had lagged far behind the meta. Many consider him the weakest mage in the pack. His mobility is not excellent, and enemies will have a feast without teammates to protect him. His ultimate can take down several foes when timed perfectly,  but other than that, Gord needs a significant overhaul.


MLBB Lesley

Lesley belongs at the top of the popularity list in Mobile Legends and is often an overplayed hero in the Epic (and below) tiers. This Deadly Sniper has massive late-game potential, but her early game says the opposite. Lesley is a slow farmer. She requires excellent positioning to optimize her ultimate; otherwise, it will only get blocked. As she locks in on a target during Ultimate Snipe, other enemies can sneak in and take advantage of her vulnerable position. Another concern that Lesley mains must figure out is enemies can almost predict her moves.


MLBB Alice

We’re wondering what happened to the dreaded Alice, who’s been a solid pick in competitive pro plays? She currently ranks in the top 10 of the least popular heroes. Alice is quite difficult to use for beginners because her skills require great mastery to succeed in battle. Alice is weak in the early game and is heavily dependent on lifesteal – if a user is not familiar with how it works, it can be a major snag.


MLBB Vexana

Another cellar dweller is one of the older and scarier mage heroes in the game, Vexana. Like Gord, low mobility is one of her drawbacks. The Twisted Summoner is an easy target for agile heroes. Her skills are also hard to operate and require exact pinpointing to hit an enemy. She is also vulnerable in the early game without her core items.

But worry not; her highly-talked about revamp has been swirling around the advanced server, and it looks promising! Maybe this time, Vexana will finally turn the tides in her favor.


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