MLBB X Transformers: Four more Transformers we want to see in the Land of Dawn


More Autobots. More Decepticons. More Mayhem.

After months of waiting, the Transformers have finally arrived, ready to roll out in the Land of Dawn! The Autobots, led by Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, go on a collision course with the Decepticons’ supreme leader Megatron. The action heats up as MLBB heroes (Johnson, Granger, and X.Borg) get the iconic robots as skins and transform into vehicle modes to deliver the ultimate blow. 

Sure, we’re living our childhood memories thanks to this event, but we can’t help but thirst for more bots to join the fight. Here’s our ultimate wishlist of other Transformers we want to see in the game. By the power of the AllSpark and Twilight Orb, we’re keeping our fingers crossed!


First, let’s check the featured skins of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.

Optimus PrimeImage credit: Moonton / Hasbro

Optimus Prime. The Mustang tank hero gets the Optimus Prime skin complete with an Energon axe and a new-look shield. Johnson’s ultimate skill transforms him into Prime’s famous truck mode as he accelerates and crashes into enemies along his path. What’s even more remarkable is that Johnson’s ally is now visible in the back as they cruise around the map.

BumblebeeImage credit: Moonton / Hasbro

Bumblebee. The Firaga Armor, X.Borg, dons Bumblebee as his new skin. We dig the new look of his weapons: a flamethrower-turned-plasma cannon and a stinger sword on the other hand. He transforms into Camaro mode for his ultimate and does a 360-degree rotation drift straight into his enemies before self-destructing.

Our Autobot picks:

  • Barats as Grimlock

Barats as Grimlock

“Me Grimlock love challenge!” And Barats too! To match the Decepticons’ tall lineup, the Autobots must have their towering frontline, and that’s where Barats as Grimlock fits the bill. When he transforms into dinosaur mode, he can easily terrorize the Decepticreeps, give them a beating before devouring them whole. We’ll also throw in Wheelie to play Detona to complete the transformation.

  • Benedetta as Arcee

Benedetta as Arcee

Not many know how ruthless of a warrior Arcee is. Her cute color scheme shouldn’t undermine her tremendous skills, from hand-to-hand combat to shooting enemies with her ion pistol. That said, Benedetta is the perfect candidate to inherit her Transformer skin. The Shadow Ranger’s Alecto is not to be taken lightly either. Girl Power!


Leading the Decepticon side is their tyrannical leader, Megatron, with Granger getting the robot skin.

MegatronImage credit: Moonton / Hasbro

Megatron. Granger gets the mantle of Decepticon leadership with his Megatron skin. He rains down the pain with his first skill using Megatron’s notorious laser cannon. His ultimate delivers the bad news on enemies, transforming in tank mode before bombarding them with super Energon shells that explode upon impact. We finally have a real tank in the game!

Our Decepticon picks:

  • Popol and Kupa as Soundwave and Ravage

Popol and Kupa as Soundwave and Ravage

Megatron’s Decepticon posse is not complete without his communications and surveillance chief, Soundwave. With his reliable spy/pet Ravage (who does the dirty work for his big bot), we see a glimpse of them in Popol and Kupa. This tandem will spell Cybertronian migraine for the Autobots.

  • Hanzo as Starscream

Hanzo as Starscream

“All of this is to make myself stronger.” This line convinced us that Hanzo would make an excellently infamous Starscream. We can see the connection between their hunger for power with the way they speak their minds. Besides, we all know how Starscream fantasizes about seizing Decepticon leadership from Megatron. Moreover, Hanzo’s ultimate (which seeks out enemies) has shades of a Seeker embedded in it.

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