Turn the Tide with the New Natan “Tidal Lord” Collector Skin


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s newest Collector Skin is now available and fans of Natan, the time-travelling Marksman, are swimming in happy tears. 

Natan Tidal Lord features a long white and blue robe embellished with gold ornaments and a graceful, flowy motif. His weapon follows the same theme, adorned with figures of majestic mountains and waves. And, of course, his signature monocle and long white physics-defying hair are here to top it all off.

MLBB Tidal Lord Natan

The skin also comes with custom animations for each of his skills, replacing the cosmic dust theme with translucent streaks of blue and gold. His Ultimate, Entropy, stands out as it now summons a watery phantom to aid him in battle. 

How to get the Tidal Lord Natan Skin

Like all Collector Skins, the Tidal Lord Natan Skin can be acquired from the Grand Collection feature available in-game. Grand Collection draw events usually last 21 days, and this cycle ends on March 25, 2023. To participate, players need to perform 1x or 10x draws using either Mobile Legends Diamonds or Free Tokens (the latter, you can obtain by completing various tasks). 

MLBB Tidal Lord Natan Grand Collection

The Tidal Lord Natan skin is the 31st Collector Skin since Moonton introduced the Grand Collection feature in July 2020. It expands the list of jaw-dropping Collector Skins players can enjoy and collect: 

  1. Badang “Fist of Zen” Skin – July 2020
  2. Pharsa “Empress Phoenix” Skin – August 2020
  3. Khufra “Volcanic Overlord” Skin – September 2020
  4. Granger “Agent Z” Skin – October 2020
  5. Yi Sun-Shin “Lone Destructor” Skin – November 2020
  6. Jawhead “Samurai Mech” Skin – December 2020
  7. Valir “Demon Lord” Skin – January 2021
  8. Wanwan “Pixel Blast” Skin – February 2021
  9. Gusion “Night Owl” Skin – March 2021
  10. Angela “Floral Elf” Skin – April 2021
  11. Yu Zhong “Blood Serpent” Skin – May 2021
  12. Ling “Serene Plume” Skin – June 2021
  13. Benedetta “Death Oath” Skin – July 2021
  14. Balmond “God of Mountains” Skin – August 2021
  15. Aldous “Realm Watcher” Skin – September 2021
  16. Harley “Dream Caster” Skin – October 2021
  17. Lesley “Falcon Mistress” Skin – November 2021
  18. Nana “Aqua Pura” Skin – December 2021
  19. Hanabi “Riverland Phoenix” Skin – January 2022
  20. Zilong “Empyrean Paladin” Skin – February 2022
  21. Silvanna “Queen Frost” Skin – March 2022
  22. Brody “Ore Alchemist” Skin – April 2022
  23. Vale “Supernal Tempest” Skin – May 2022
  24. Esmeralda “Light Envoy” Skin – June 2022
  25. Luo Yi “Elysium Guardian” Skin – July 2022
  26. Sun “Wicked Flames” Skin – August 2022
  27. Miya “Doom Catalyst” Skin – September 2022
  28. Cecilia “Crimson Wings” Skin – November 2022
  29. Masha “Rogue Talon” Skin – December 2022
  30. Dyrroth “Naraka Flame” Skin – January 2023

Is the Tidal Lord Natan Skin worth it?

On average, you’ll need to spend at least 3,500 Diamonds to attain the new Collector Skin. That’s 55 USD for the rarest type of skin in MLBB. If Natan is your OG main, and you have enough money to spare, it’s definitely a must-have cosmetic, as no one knows when it will have a rerun. That new Ultimate animation looks so cool on him, too.

If you’re all set, head on to Codashop to top up your Mobile Legends Diamonds for a fast and secure payment process. Good luck!