MLBB Ixia: Unleashing a New Marksman Hero!


Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) is a popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed and distributed by Moonton. It is optimized for mobile devices and immerses players in thrilling 5v5 fights where collaboration is essential to annihilating the enemy’s base while protecting your own. 


As part of the Patch 1.7.78 Update, Mobile Legends launched its 121st hero, Ixia. Ixia is a marksman known for her devastating damage output and excellent sustainability. Ixia is primarily stationed in the bot or gold lane, where she does physical damage and has strong crowd-control abilities that set her distinct. Let us now examine her talents to obtain better knowledge of her capabilities.


Ixia, the arclight outlaw


Ixia, MLBB fearsome marksman, is a force to be reckoned with. She dominates the battlefield due to her tremendous damage-dealing powers and incredible endurance. Ixia excels at dealing physical damage while controlling the bot or gold lane. Her outstanding crowd-control talents set her unique, allowing her to easily influence and disrupt her foes. 

Ixia Hero

How to win with Ixia

Ixia Skills/Abilities

Ixia’s attacks and abilities provide foes Arc Charge, which accumulates. Arc Siphon is activated when Ixia uses a Basic Attack with two Arc Charge stacks on an enemy. Arc Siphon does massive Physical Damage equal to 100% of her Total Physical Attack + 20,000% Physical Lifesteal and reduces the target’s Movement Speed by 40% for 1.5 seconds. If the victim is a hero, Ixia regains HP equal to the damage done. Ixia may use Arc Siphon

Ixia fires two Arclight beams along the ground, each aimed in a specific direction. These beams inflict 150 points of Physical Damage + 80% of her Total Physical Attack and 8,000% Physical Lifesteal on opponents in a rectangular area of impact. When Ixia strikes an opponent hero, she gains 40% Movement Speed for 3 seconds. If both beams strike the same target, the damage is multiplied by two.

Ixia directs an Arc energy canister in a certain direction. Following a minor delay, the canister attracts foes to the center line and deals 200 points of Physical Damage + 60% of her Total Physical Attack and 12,000% Physical Lifesteal.

Ixia gains Movement Speed progressively while not in battle, with a maximum boost of 30%. This boost, however, is forfeited when you engage in battle.

Active Ability

Ixia disassembles her guns into six smaller weapons, triggering the 5-second Barrage condition. During this moment, Ixia’s abilities expand in range but are restricted to a fan-shaped region. Within that region, her Basic Attacks can target up to six enemy units (with priority given to hostile heroes). Arc Siphon now does an additional 80 damage during the duratio

Best Emblem for Ixia

Use the Marksman on Ixia to enhance her attack speed and lifesteal.

  • Fatal
  • Weapon Master 
  • Weakness Finder

Recommended item Build for Ixia

  • Swift boots 
  • Corrosion Scythe 
  • Windtalker 
  • Wind of Nature 
  • Blade of Despair 
  • Malefic Roar

Are you excited to get Ixia as your main hero? If so, here is the guide for you. Be the first to experience Ixia’s terrifying might in MLBB.

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