MLBB Hero Guide: Best Build for Mathilda


This flexible hero flies freely with a high cap, but is she OP as a support?

Mathilda swiftly flew in during the Blazing West event as the latest hero on Mobile Legends. Based on her battlecry, she’s “Always on the way”, we take it as a sign that she can be a reliable support when the going gets tough during team battles.

Mathilda can be used as a Support or an Assassin depending on your build and emblem configuration. She is considerably agile with high damage output in early game. Her First Skill is extremely nasty, she can gank, and can overwhelm squishy heroes. Is she OP for a support class? We’ll know soon enough if she’ll be on the receiving end of the nerf gun.

How to win in MLBB using Mathilda

in game Mathilda

Mathilda Skills / Abilities

Ancestral Guidance

Mathilda gains Ancestral Guidance while moving and when it is fully charged, her next Basic Attack will be enhanced, dealing 135 (+100% Total Physical Attack) (+100% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to the target and increasing her Movement Speed by 80% that rapidly decays in 2.5 seconds.

Soul Bloom

Mathilda resonates with the power of ancestors and summons wisps that surround her for 3.5 seconds. When her movement distance is increased, more and more wisps will be attracted to her, capped at 6 wisps.

After casting this skill or reaching the time limit, the power of ancestors will guide the wisps to attack nearby enemies, each time dealing 500 / 530 / 560 / 590 / 620 / 650 (+60% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage. Damage is reduced to 30% when hitting the same target.

Guiding Wind

Mathilda creates a field surrounding her and leaps forward. Upon landing, she gains 500 / 600 / 700 / 800 / 900 / 1000 (+180% Total Magic Power) Shield and 25% Movement Speed for 4 seconds. The allied units who come in contact with this field will receive the same shield also, and Guiding Wind.

After using Guiding Wind, the hero will be guided to Mathilda, and both of them will gain the same Movement Speed.

When using this skill during Circle Eagle, Mathilda will not change her position.

The hero will lose Guiding Wind after leaving the field for 5 seconds. Mathilda will reclaim all Guiding Wind if it is used by any allied hero.

Circling Eagle

Mathilda applies a Soul Mark to the targeted hero and circles around the target for up to 2 seconds. During this period, wisps will rush to nearby enemies, each time dealing 40 / 45 / 50 (+10% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage.

After casting this skill or reaching the time limit, she will rush to the target, knocking back enemies on the path, stunning them for 0.6 seconds, and dealing 320 / 360 / 400 (+120% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage.

Mathilda gains Control Immunity and 600 (+160% Total Magic Power) Shield during her circling.

Mathilda Play Style

Support | Assassin

Initiator | Guard


Skill Effects

Best Battle Spell

Mathilda can make good use of Execute or Flameshot to deal extra damage to enemies. Consider it the finishing touch to earn the kill count.

You can also try Flicker coupled with her Second Skill to teleport allies to safety/vantage point.

Best Emblem Set

Choose a custom Mage Emblem for Mathilda and center on movement speed by allotting points on Agility. Go for Observation for magic penetration and finish it off with Magic Worship to deal more damage.

Mage Emblem Set
                      Mage Emblem Set

If you’re opting for a Support Emblem, you can work on Agility to increase movement speed. Recovery will help for hybrid regen while Focusing Mark will complete the lineup.

Support Emblem Set
                   Support Emblem Set

*Always analyze your enemy lineup so you can choose the most effective emblem set to use.

Best Build

Best Build

For Mathilda’s core items, make sure to equip her with Demon Shoes for quick mana regen in early game plus sustain. Courage Mask will help you take advantage of her Passive and First Skill. Necklace of Durance will prevent your enemies from gaining HP and ensure that they don’t survive your onslaught. Glowing Wand is vital to gain continuous damage since her skills can hit an enemy numerous times. Also, just in case you make a mistake using your Ulti, get Immortality or Oracle to increase your survivability during team fights (raises shield + regen effects by 30%)

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