Hurry! This LifeAfter meets Resident Evil is the ultimate crossover we deserve


LifeAfter x ResidentEvil

If you can’t get enough of shooting zombies and surviving a post-apocalyptic world, we’ve got superb news for you! NetEase Games’ LifeAfter is now holding a crossover event with Capcom’s Resident Evil. It features a special in-game scene and limited-time unlockable.

With LifeAfter drawing inspiration from the Resident Evil franchise, this mashup is like an apprentice-meets-his-hero connection. The result makes for a monstrous challenge that’s sure to send chills down the spine. Halloween came earlier this year, so load your guns for a sinister trick or treat. But you better hurry, this event runs until September 10 only.

Familiar map

This collaboration will see the legendary Racoon Police Department being introduced as a special scene during the game. From here, players will need to complete secret crossover missions while battling hordes of Infected along the way. Also, get ready to solve another round of Goddess Puzzle, this time ala LifeAfter version.

Resident bosses

With the Umbrella Corporation invading the LifeAfter world, players will have to fight their way against some of Resident Evil’s most gruesome bosses. Are you ready to face your worst nightmares once again including Nemesis (RE3), Tyrant (RE2), Executioner Majini (RE5), and G (Stage 2) (RE2)? Better brush up on your slaying skills as these badasses still pack their signature moves.

Paying homage

Had enough yet? Loyal fans of the Resident Evil universe will be delighted to know that this crossover is filled with Easter Eggs. Players who participate in the live event can also get access to classic outfits and bring to life the threads of our beloved agent Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong. Up for grabs too are Resident Evil themed items, zombie dog skins and motorcycles.

You also snag the following bonus when you login: Ada Wong figurine, Crossover Limited Picture Frame and Supplies Gift Pack (Special Pickaxe, Heart Pacemaker, 10 Berries and 3 Bandages). Consecutively logging in for seven days during the event will grant players the exclusive LifeAfter X Resident Evil backpack. Sweet!

Do you have what it takes to survive from this frightening evil? Load those big guns and stay on high alert. Let us know how you did and good luck shooting zombies in the head!

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