How to Counter Ornn in Wild Rift


Wild Rift How to Counter OrnnIn League of Legends: Wild Rift, Ornn the Blacksmith stands as a formidable tank, able to upgrade allies’ items and strengthen their arsenal. If you’re playing against him, understanding how to counter Ornn in competitive play can be the key to gaining a strategic advantage. This article will delve into Ornn’s role in Wild Rift, explore the significance of countering him, and highlight effective strategies to handle the Forge God on the battlefield.

Ornn’s Strengths and Weaknesses 

Before you can counter Ornn, it is best to know what makes him dominant and what ability gaps you can work around when countering him.

Ornn’s Strengths:

  • Exceptional Durability
  • Team Utility
  • Engage and Crowd Control
  • Sustain in Lane
  • Wave Clearing and Farming

Ornn’s Weaknesses:

  • Lack of Mobility
  • Vulnerable to Magic Damage
  • Skill Shot Reliance
  • Item Dependency
  • Weak Early Game

Best Heroes to Counter Ornn

Countering Ornn in Wild Rift requires a combination of champions who can exploit his weaknesses and mitigate his strengths. Here are some of the best heroes to counter Ornn:

  1. Vayne: Vayne’s mobility and high sustained damage make her an excellent counter to Ornn. She can kite him effectively with her Tumble (Q) and Silver Bolts (W), which deal bonus true damage based on the enemy’s maximum health, allowing her to shred through Ornn’s tankiness.
  2. Fiora: Fiora is a duelist with true damage and high mobility. Her Grand Challenge (R) allows her to target and burst down Ornn’s vital points, making it challenging for him to sustain himself during fights. Her Riposte (W) can also parry Ornn’s crowd control abilities, nullifying his initiation potential.
  3. Teemo: Teemo’s range and poison damage from his Toxic Shot (E) make him a strong laner against Ornn. The constant harassment and blind effect from Teemo’s Blinding Dart (Q) can frustrate Ornn and reduce his effectiveness during trades and team fights.
  4. Camille: Camille is a mobile fighter with excellent burst damage. Her Hookshot (E) allows her to engage from a distance, and her ultimate, Hextech Ultimatum (R), can trap Ornn in a small area, preventing him from escaping or participating in fights effectively.
  5. Darius: Darius deals significant, sustained damage and has an execute ability with his Noxian Guillotine (R). He can punish Ornn in lane and in team fights, especially if Ornn overextends or fails to escape Darius’s Decimate (Q) and Apprehend (E) combo.
  6. Cassiopeia: As a sustained damage mage, Cassiopeia can whittle down Ornn’s health with her Twin Fang (E) and apply constant pressure on him. Her Miasma (W) can also prevent Ornn from engaging effectively and disrupt his positioning.
  7. Yasuo: Yasuo’s mobility and Wind Wall (W) can block Ornn’s crowd control abilities and mitigate his impact in team fights. Yasuo’s Steel Tempest (Q) and Last Breath (R) can quickly burst down Ornn or disrupt his team during engagements.

Priority Items to Build When Facing Ornn

  1. Blade of the Ruined King: This item is a solid pick against Ornn due to its passive, which deals bonus damage based on the target’s maximum health. Since Ornn is a tank with high health values, Blade of the Ruined King can significantly increase damage output and help you shred through his tankiness.
  2. Executioner’s Calling: Grievous Wounds is vital when facing Ornn. This effect can be applied through Executioner’s Calling, an item offering critical strike chance and healing reduction, benefiting champions who deal physical damage and rely on auto-attacks.
  3. Wit’s End: If you’re an AP-based champion or attack speed-oriented, Wit’s End can be a great counter against Ornn. It provides magic resistance, bonus magic damage on-hit, and increases your magic resistance for each attack. The bonus magic damage can help you chip away at Ornn’s health, especially during prolonged fights.
  4. Mercury’s Treads: Ornn relies heavily on crowd control to initiate and disrupt team fights. Mercury’s Treads provide Tenacity, which reduces the duration of crowd control effects, making it harder for Ornn to lock you down.
  5. Lord Dominik’s Regards: For AD-based champions, Lord Dominik’s Regards is valuable against tanks like Ornn. It grants bonus armor penetration based on the target’s bonus health, allowing you to damage him and other tanky champions more.

In Wild Rift, countering Ornn is essential for competitive success. Exploit his weaknesses with champions like Vayne, Fiora, or Teemo, and build items like Blade of the Ruined King and Executioner’s Calling for maximum impact. Understanding Ornn’s strengths and vulnerabilities will give you the edge needed to emerge victorious on the Rifta. Master the art of countering, and triumph over the Forge God in your quest for glory!

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