Get Creative: HSR’s Annual Creator Competition is Here!


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Attention all HoYoverse fans! The Honkai: Star Rail (HSR) hype train is still going strong, and we’re lucky to be part of one the biggest events in HoYoverse’s history. Get ready to showcase your creative skills and win big in Honkai: Star Rail’s Annual Creator Competition! Dubbed “Multiverse Vistas,” this event invites you to be part of the Honkai universe and create breathtaking art pieces, cosplay costumes, music compositions, and video content. Let’s take a closer look at how you can be a part of this awesome event and show your love for the game.

Multiverse Vistas: A Journey Into a Galaxy of Twinkling Stars

In its first week of launch, Honkai: Star Rail quickly soared into the number one spot on the App Store charts due to the millions of players who downloaded the game. Those millions of players have spoken, and they wanted to show their lover and support for HSR. HoYoverse’s response is an Annual Creator Competition that looks at those millions of players as stars twinkling in an endless galaxy ready to be discovered.

The Annual Creator Competition is all about creating art, music, cosplay, and video content inspired by the spectacular world of Honkai: Star Rail. The competition runs from May 13, 2023 to July 1, 2023, giving you more than enough time to create your masterpieces and submit them for a chance to win amazing prizes. There are no limits to what you can create as long as it’s related to Honkai: Star Rail, so let your imagination run wild and create something that will awe and inspire those who see it.

Competition Categories and Rules

Categories HSR

Participants can compete in any of the four categories set forth in the competition: visual art, music, cosplay, and video content. Each category will have its own set of rules and guidelines, so make sure to read through them carefully before submitting your entry. Here’s a brief overview of each category:

Visual Arts Category

For the Visual Arts category, you can submit visual artworks or comics/manga with no colouring restrictions that include Honkai: Star Rail elements. This includes multi-paneled comics, vertical scrolls like webtoons and even Chibi art. The work must be submitted in an image format and include a title and description with the #MultiverseVistas hashtag. Evidence of the creation process must also be included. Monochrome line art, rough sketches, standalone emoji packs, and stickers are not accepted. All themes and styles are welcome.


The following rewards will be given to the winners of the Visual Arts category:

Visual Arts Category Rewards HSR

Music Category

For the Music category, you can submit covers of in-game music or original works based on characters or plot, as long as they are longer than 60 seconds and the author has full rights to the work. The submission must be in video format and can include recordings of live performances, original animation, and more as long as it features elements of Honkai: Star Rail. 

Your submission should be uploaded on YouTube. Select “Game” as the category and “Honkai: Star Rail” as the game. In the video description, add the words, “This work is a submission for the 2023 Honkai: Star Rail creator competition” in the video description. Lastly, the video should also be submitted on the event page with the #MultiverseVistas hashtag, including the title and description of your work.


The following rewards will be given to the winners of the Music category:

Music Category Rewards HSR

Video Category

For the Video category, participants are invited to submit videos of over 30 seconds that showcase their creativity through various forms, including edited gameplay and in-game cutscenes, hand-drawn and other animations, MMDs, and humour. Works that focus on cosplay or music must be submitted to the respective categories. The submitted work must include elements of Honkai: Star Rail and each work can only be submitted to one category. Participants must upload their work on YouTube under the “Game” category and select “Honkai: Star Rail” while providing a description that includes the competition’s name and hashtag. The title and description should help others understand the creation.


The following rewards will be given to the winners of the Video category:

Video Category Rewards HSR

Cosplay Category

For the Cosplay category, the competition calls for cosplay works based on Honkai: Star Rail game, featuring actual cosplayers wearing original costumes or modified pre-existing pieces. Special effects and post-processing are permitted. The submitted work can be in image or video format, and all themes and styles are welcome as long as they include elements of the game.

If the submission is an image, click the “Image” button on the event page and add the work with the appropriate hashtag, title, and description. If it’s a video, upload it on YouTube under the “Game” category with the competition name in the description. Then click the “Video” button on the event page to add the YouTube link with the hashtag, title, and description to help others understand the creation.


The following rewards will be given to the winners of the Cosplay category:

Cosplay Category Rewards HSR

For each category, there are also 10 Lucky award winners who will receive a mousepad with a random HSR-themed design. 

Judging and Criteria

Judges HSR
All works submitted will be judged by some of the industry’s leading personalities and creatives who have demonstrated their extensive experience in each of the respective fields. Entries will be judged based on their originality, creativity, technical skill, and overall impact. The judges will also take into consideration how well the artwork aligns with the theme of the contest. For full details about the rules and judging criteria, check out the
official announcement by HoYoverse.

Final Thoughts

The Annual Creator Competition by Honkai: Star Rail is an exciting opportunity for fans of the game to showcase their creativity and love for the world of Honkai: Star Rail. With no limits on what can be created, this competition allows for a diverse range of entries that will showcase the talent and passion of the fans. Also, the prizes on offer are sure to motivate and inspire creators to produce their best work, and we can’t wait to see the results. So, gear up and get ready to join the competition, and let’s see what amazing creations the Honkai: Star Rail community can come up with. The competition is fierce, but the rewards are even greater. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to show the world what you’re made of!


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