Heroes Never Fade! The Mobile Legends Guide to Zilong


Zilong Hero Guide - Mobile Legends

OG’s never die, or at the very least, should not be forgotten easily. Zilong is part of the original heroes in Mobile Legends’ release in 2016. But over the recent years, his popularity has dropped considerably. Left in the corner and seldomly picked, Zilong’s fighting prowess and incredible push potential have been underrated.

Enter 2020. The good news is our flashy fighter is part of the lineup for MLBB’s Project NEXT set to arrive very soon. It aims to revamp older, outdated heroes to augment their core mechanics and fit them better into the latest meta.

With that said, we’ll share with you this guide to help maximize Zilong’s staggering potential in the battlefield.


Passive Skill – Dragon Flurry

Zilong’s next basic attack every 6s allows him to land a combo hit to a target in front multiple times, causing Physical Damage. Hitting enemies with the basic attack triggers reduced cooldown of the skill.

First Skill – Spear Flip

Zilong lifts an enemy over his back and deals Physical Damage. It also reduces the target’s physical defence for 2 seconds. Make sure to practice and take advantage of this signature move.

Second Skill – Spear Strike

This blink skill allows Zilong to dash toward the target and strike with the Dragon Spear, dealing Physical Damage with slow effect. He also performs a swift basic attack straightaway. This is good when trying to close the gap between enemies trying to flee.

Ultimate Skill – Supreme Warrior

Zilong’s ultimate increases his Movement Speed, Attack Speed, and grants immunity against slow effect. It also removes debuffs upon casting. Imagine all the buffs he gets and putting it to good use during team fights.

Best Battle Spells

Retribution: Helps to farm quickly and level up. Take down creeps and minions faster.
Arrival: Equip to do split pushing effectively. This is pivotal when the rest of your team distracts the enemies on a team fight, while you sneak towards the lanes and push towers.
Flicker: This is your instant escape and capture ace card..

Best Emblem Set

Maximize on Zilong’s agility, equip an Assassin Emblem. Put points on Agility for increased movement speed so you can initiate or escape quickly. Run Invasion to increase your physical penetration and complete your set with Bounty Hunter to get extra gold.

Best Build

Zilong’s tremendous mobility is a big advantage especially if you want to segway. Level up faster with a jungle item.

Warrior Boots – Gain movement speed and increased physical defense.
Demon Hunter Sword – Up your physical attack at gain up to 25% attack speed (core item)
Windtalker – Trigger splash for your basic attack and increases your attack speed (core item)
Raptor Machete – Stacks your physical damage and magnifies your jungling capabilities
Queen’s Wings – Reduces damage taken and increases physical lifesteal
Immortality – Ultimately save you an extra life especially during critical late game

Skill Tips

To capitalize on Zilong’s strong fighter-assassin flexibility, understand what role you want to play in the team. If you are tasked to wipe out enemies, build on a Burst Damage type. If you want to push for towers and segway, increase movement speed.

Use the element of surprise. Snatch first blood by sneaking fast and hiding in the bush. Wait for an unsuspecting enemy to clear the wave and use Spear Flip to snag him towards your team for an easy gank.

His First Skill is very handy when a fight happens near your tower. It works two ways as you can snag enemies prying too close, or defend teammates by lifting enemies away from them.

Always max out your Spear Strike as it increases in range. This will prove advantageous when you want to catch an enemy from a distance. Pair it with the First Skill to get an enemy closer for possible ganking.

Zilong is pretty strong and independent particularly during late game, 1on1 situations. Do solo push on a lane while the rest keep the enemies busy over a team fight.

Get out of sticky situations using your ultimate. It’s a very effective CC counter and most enemies won’t be able to keep up with you when you are on the run.

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