Get A First Look On Freya New Epic “Raven Shogun” Skin


What is cooler and epic than a new Freya skin? Yes, nothing!

Shoguns held a lot of power as they are military leaders appointed by the emperor. Inspired by the traditional Japanese armor, Raven Shogun is mysteriously dark and gives out a commanding aura.

One feature that adds to the epicness of the skin – black, menacing wings appears when her ultimate, Valkyrie Descent, is activated.

Raven Shogun gives her an entirely new epic look while staying true to the classic colors of the shogun. To top it off, Freya is holding a powerful shield in one hand and her gleaming orange ombre in the other. What’s more, sharp points and curves highlight every inch of this skin to elevate Freya further.

Freya “Raven Shogun” VS Alpha “Onimusha Commander”, which one will you support?

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