Mastering Zhongli: Unleash Tremors of Power in Genshin Impact


Zhongli IntroductionLet’s talk about Zhongli, a 5-star character in Genshin Impact who wields a polearm and uses Geo abilities. Zhongli is known for his ability to create powerful shields that can protect you from various types of attacks. In this guide, we’ll discuss the best ways to build Zhongli, strategies to maximize his unique skills, and give you our opinion on how good he is in the game world of Teyvat.

Zhongli’s Abilities

Zhongli Skill _ AbilitiesNormal Attack : Rain of Stone

Normal Attack: Executes a sequence of up to six consecutive thrusts with his spear.

Charged Attack: Utilizes a portion of his Stamina to dash ahead, inducing stone spears to descend in his wake.

Plunging Attack: Initiates a mid-air dive to strike the ground beneath, inflicting damage to foes in the trajectory and unleashing area-of-effect damage upon impact.

Elemental Skill : Dominus Lapidis

Press: Zhongli summons a sturdy Stone Stele from the ground, dealing Geo damage when it appears. This stele sticks around for 30 seconds.

Hold: When you hold the ability, Zhongli causes a burst of Geo energy. This can do a few things:

  • If there’s not already a Stone Stele, it creates one.
  • It also forms a protective Jade Shield that absorbs damage based on Zhongli’s health. This shield is especially good at blocking both Elemental and Physical attacks.
  • The Stone Stele created or the shield can periodically emit Geo damage, hurting nearby enemies and generating some elemental energy.

Jade Shield: The Jade Shield is really tough, especially against Elemental and Physical attacks. When characters are behind this shield, their enemies’ resistance to both Elemental and Physical damage is lowered in a small area.

Elemental Burst: Planet Befall

Summons a descending meteor that crashes onto the ground, delivering substantial Geo damage to adversaries ensnared within its area of effect and inflicting the Petrification condition upon them.

Petrification Targets subject to the Petrification condition are rendered immobile.

Zhongli’s Passive

Ascension 1 : Resonant Waves

When the Jade Shield absorbs damage, it enters a Fortified state:

Fortified characters exhibit a 5% enhancement in Shield Strength. This effect can accumulate up to 5 instances until the Jade Shield is no longer active. 

Ascension 2 : Dominance of Earth

Basic Attack, Charged Attack, and Plunging Attack damage receive a boost of 1.39% of maximum HP. Dominus Lapidis Stone Stele, resonance, and the holding ability experience an augmentation of 1.9% of maximum HP. Planet Befall inflicts extra damage amounting to 33% of Zhongli’s maximum HP.

Passive : Arcanum of Crystal

Restores 15% of the utilized ores when producing weapons of the Polearm category.

Recommended Talent Priority

Here’s a simplified talent priority for Zhongli, depending on the role you want him to play:

For a “Shield-Bot” build:

  1. Focus on upgrading his Elemental Skill first.
  2. Next, prioritize his Elemental Burst ability.
  3. Put less emphasis on his Normal Attack.

For a “Burst Support” build:

  1. Start by leveling up his Elemental Burst ability.
  2. Then, work on his Elemental Skill.
  3. Give lower priority to his Normal Attack.

How to use Zhongli’s Skills

  • Make sure to use Zhongli’s Hold Elemental skill whenever you can. It gives you a shield that lasts for 20 seconds and only takes 12 seconds to be ready again. This means you can always have a shield to protect yourself.
  • His Elemental Burst ability can be a game-changer. It stuns enemies for 4 seconds. You can regroup or heal during this time, and your team can attack the stunned enemies. It’s like a chance to catch your breath and turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Best Team Comps 

Zhongli is a versatile support character that fits any team composition that requires shielding and elemental debuffing. He adapts fluidly as the anchor role, strengthening parties that flourish with protective walls, and therefore readily complementing and enriching teams with his addition.

  • Itto
  • Albedo 
  • Zhongli 
  • Gorou

Recommended Builds for Zhongli

Built around the “Staff of Homa” weapon and the “Tenacity of the Millelith” artifact set (4-piece), this configuration elevates Zhongli’s shielding and support capabilities. Potential alternatives like “Black Tassel” or “Vortex Vanquisher ” aim to fortify Zhongli’s shield with over 35,000 HP, enhancing team defenses. The chosen artifact stats emphasize HP% on all pieces, prioritizing HP% and Energy Recharge sub-stats. This build reinforces his shielding prowess and bolsters his Burst damage potential, making him a formidable presence both in defense and offense.

Recommended  Weapons for Zhongli 

Zhongli WeaponHere are the weapon options with their details for Zhongli:

Top Choice: Staff of Homa

  • Provides CRIT DMG 66.2% (Level 90)
  • While the Crit DMG sub-stat might not be a primary focus, having it adds some extra damage
  • The weapon skill also offers a 20% HP buff

Second Choice: Black Tassel

  • Offers HP 46.9% (Level 90)
  • A readily accessible 3-Star Weapon
  • Grants a significant increase in HP for Zhongli

Third Choice: Vortex Vanquisher

  • Features ATK 49.6% (Level 90)
  • Known as Zhongli’s signature weapon
  • Enhances shield strength capabilities

These weapon selections bring a range of advantages to Zhongli’s gameplay, allowing players to choose based on their preferences and strategic approach.

Tips when using Zhongli

  • Shield Management: Prioritize casting Zhongli’s Elemental Skill, “Dominus Lapidis,” to create strong shields for your team. These shields absorb damage and protect against crowd control effects, enhancing survivability.
  • Energy Recharge: Build Energy Recharge on Zhongli to ensure his Elemental Burst, “Planet Befall,” is readily available. This Burst offers AoE damage and petrification, making it a valuable asset in battles.
  • Burst Synergy: Coordinate Zhongli’s Elemental Burst with other characters’ abilities for powerful combos. Petrifying enemies with “Planet Befall” sets up opportunities for Elemental Reactions or concentrated damage.
  • Team Composition: Pair Zhongli with characters that benefit from shields and Geo constructs, such as Noelle, Ningguang, or Albedo. Utilize his supportive and defensive abilities to amplify your team’s performance.

By focusing on these key aspects, you can master Zhongli’s role and significantly contribute to your team’s effectiveness in battles and exploration.


If you want to be a good support player in Genshin Impact, think about using Zhongli. He can give shields to your team and weaken the enemies around. This helps make your team stronger. Zhongli is one of the best options for being a helpful support character because he can make your team tougher and almost impossible to kill. It makes your team more effective in battles. Having him on your team can be a great advantage on your journey in Teyvat.

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