Genshin Impact Leisure Devices: Mini-Games to Play with Friends


Genshin Impact Mini GamesHunting artifacts, chests, and hidden quests with your co-op buddies can get quite tiring, especially now that we have new underwater areas to explore. Luckily, Teyvat also offers a handful of laid-back activities for you and your Genshin friends to share. Today, we’ll review the Serenitea Pot’s Leisure Devices and how to use them to play relaxing mini-games.

What are Leisure Devices?

Genshin Impact’s Serenitea Pot allows Travellers to customize their realms to their heart’s content. With several realm layouts and tons of buildings, trees, and furnishings you can mix and match, creativity knows no bounds here (except for the load limit). But what’s next after building your own little realm? You invite your friends over for some fun mini-games! 

Leisure Devices are interactive furnishing sets you can place inside the Serenitea Pot. Currently, there are eight devices, but today, we’ll only talk about three, as most of them are only programmed to replicate overworld features like Sumeru’s bouncy mushrooms and Mondstadt’s air currents. 

Rhythmic Sprinter

Genshin Impact Rhythmic SprinterCreate obstacle courses Takeshi’s Castle-style and test your skills with the Rhythmic Sprinter. When placed and activated, this device creates a time trial challenge that can only be completed once a player reaches the destination ring. The device also records the fastest runs, immortalizing your bragging rights.

On the Pulse

Genshin Impact Bullseye BalloonGanyu and Lyney mains, who flex their crisp aim, probably have this Leisure Device set up in their realms. Who needs aim trainers when we have this Leisure Device?

On the Pulse allows Travellers to play Bullseye Balloons within the teapot and keeps a record of top scores. In this mini-game, each player has 1 minute and 40 seconds to shoot the balloons and earn as many points as possible. There are two types of balloons: the green one, named Bloom Balloon, gives 20 points, and the orange one, the Bouquet Balloon, gives 40 points. Balloons spawn every 15 seconds, and more will spawn if you successfully cleared the previous wave.

Confused Confuzzlement

Genshin Impact Confused ConfuzzlementMaster explorers and Easter egg hunt pros will love this next one, as it will test their hunting prowess. Once activated, the Confused Confuzzlement Leisure Device will randomly place Confuzzled Tubbers in groups of 4 within the 12 set locations the realm owner picks. These locations can be moved vertically and horizontally for added challenge. Like the previous game mode, the goal is to gain as many points within a 2-minute and 30-second time limit, with each Tubber awarding the player 1 point. Happy hunting!

How to unlock Leisure Devices

All the Leisure Devices mentioned in this list can be bought from the Realm Depot for 300 Realm Currencies. To access this, look for Tubby the Teapot Spirit, click Realm Depot and then click Riches of the Realm.

Leisure Devices are a great way to keep the fun going, especially on those chill gaming sessions or after gruelling hours of scouring Fontaine for hidden Hydroculus. The mini-games they offer all have simple and easy-to-grasp mechanics, but what makes it exciting is that you can create unexpected traps with furnishings for more laughs. What’s your favourite Serenitea Pot activity?


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