GCash x MU Origin 2: Cashback + free item code promo


Mechanics for free item code:
1. Click here to go to the purchase page.
2. Purchase at least P300 and pay using Gcash.
Note: Enter a valid email address upon purchase. The item code will be sent via email.
Single purchase per user only, not accumulated.

Item code redemption:
1. Open your MU Origin 2 app.
2. From the main screen, click “Bonus”.
3. Click “Gift Code” at the bottom of the screen.
4. Enter gift code to get the item.

Item code content for P300 denom:
Holy Light Crystal *20
Mana Herb I *10
Wings: Hymn of Rainbow (7 days)
Note: Only the first 1500 qualified transactions will receive the code.

Item code content for P500 and above denom:
Holy Light Bead *5
Eudemon’s Sigil *30
Horcrux: Supreme Magic Cake (permanent item)
Note: Only the first 2000 qualified transactions will receive the code.

Mechanics for cashback:
1. Register for a GCash account here.
2. Purchase MU Origin 2 diamonds and pay using your newly-created GCash account here. (New GCash subscribers who will register using the above link will receive a 50% cashback capped at P50 for their first purchase on Codashop with GCash).
4. Reward will be seeded to Gcash subscriber within 5 business days.

Terms and conditions:
1. Maximum of 2 item codes per player.
2. Purchase must be done between June 13 and June 27, 2020.
3. Cashback only applies to new GCash users (subscribers that register between June 13 to June 27 using the link above only).