Diablo Immortal Elder Rift Guide


Diablo Immortal Elder Rift Guide

In the world of Diablo Immortal, many challenges await the brave adventurer. As you explore the world, you will find many dungeons and secret locations to explore. Elder Rifts are just one of the many perilous locations in Diablo Immortal. It’s a gateway to a different world where treasures and danger hide in every corner. There, you will face powerful creatures and bosses. To survive the Elder Rifts, you must be prepared. Make sure you have a good understanding of the game mechanics and the enemy types. Fear not, for we have the perfect Diablo Immortal Elder Rift guide to help you on your journey. 

What are Elder Rifts?

According to the lore of Diablo Immortal, Elder Rifts are essentially a gateway to another world that pre-dates even the founding of Westmarch. For so long, no one knew what was beyond the Rift since everyone who ever dared to venture inside never came back. However, with the arrival of heroes and the different classes in the game, the mystery of the Elder Rifts has been unravelled. Elder Rifts are ancient and powerful dungeons filled with treasures and danger.

Essentially, Elder Rifts are fast-paced, instanced mini-dungeons that players can quickly clear in a few minutes. While it doesn’t really take a long time to complete, it can still be quite challenging and rewarding. Every instance is randomised and features different monsters, bosses, and loot, making every run unique and exciting. The difficulty of the Elder Rifts increases as you progress, so you’ll need to be prepared before taking them on.

Unlocking Elder Rifts

Elder Rift Entrance Diablo Immortal

Unlocking Elder Rifts is simple enough. You just have to play the game and finish the first two story chapters, which are Wortham and Ashwold Cemetery. Once completed, you’ll be at around level 20+, where you gain access to Westmarch, effectively unlocking the entrance to the Elder Rift. Just go to the Palace Courtyard in Westmarch and look for the two towering obelisks. The left one is the Elder Rift entrance, and the right is for Challenge Rifts.

Mechanics for Completing an Elder Rift

Elder Rift Unlock Diablo Immortal

First, you must understand the dungeon mechanics before proceeding. Basically, an Elder Rift is a timed mini-dungeon. Unlike Challenge Rifts, where you get to set the difficulty of the dungeon, Elder Rifts scale to your level, making them a great way to test your skills and get better rewards. You’ll also get additional rewards depending on how quickly you complete the dungeon. 

As mentioned above, Elder Rifts are a fast-paced dungeon, forcing players to complete it before the timer runs out and maximise their rewards. Whenever you kill monsters, a progress bar gets filled until you can summon a Rift Guardian. This is the final boss for the Elder Rift, and killing it before the timer expires will drop bonus items.

There’s no limit to the number of times you can open an Elder Rift, but a typical run won’t yield that much loot unless you empower it with Crests. Rare Crests, Legendary Crests, and Eternal Legendary Crests are what make Elder Rifts more rewarding, as they increase the chances of getting better loot. Crests can be obtained via the Crests Vendor and Hilts Trader in Westmarch. If you have access to the Battle Pass, you’ll get additional crests as a reward by going through its levels.

Elder Rift Tips and Strategies

Rift Progress Bar Diablo Immortal

The great thing about Elder Rifts is that they can be completed solo or with other players. You can create a group of up to four players when venturing down an Elder Rift, increasing your chances of success and your rewards. Elder Rift parties can be pre-made if you already have a party with your friends or your members of your Clan or Warband. On the other hand, you can also team up with random players before you enter the Rift. Here are some tips to keep in mind to help you clear the dungeon easily.

1. Consider Your Strength When Playing with a Group

Clearing an Elder Rift solo is straightforward enough as it scales based on your Offensive Rating and Defensive Rating (ORDR). But if you’re playing with other people, group Elder Rifts will scale to the member of your team with the highest ORDR. Normally, having more people increases your chance of success, but it may also artificially increase the difficulty of the Rift. So, it’s important to coordinate with your team to ensure everyone is on the same page.

2. Don’t Stray too Far Away from Your Team

If you’re playing with a group, it’s important to stick together and be aware of your surroundings. Straying too far away can make it difficult to come back in time to help your teammates or complete objectives. This is especially important if you’re playing with higher-level players, which means the enemies will be tougher and more dangerous. Sticking together will help you survive and make it easier to clear the dungeon.

Crests Diablo Immortal

3. Enhance with Crests

Entering the Rift is free, but enhancing it with Crests will make your time spent inside the Rift more profitable. Putting in a Rare Crest will increase your chances of getting a Legendary Gem. With Legendary and Eternal Legendary Crests, however, the chance of getting one is guaranteed.

4. Clear Your Inventory Before Entering the Rift

Before entering the Rift, make sure to clear your inventory of any items that won’t be useful during the run. This will free up space for any loot you may find in the Rift and make it easier for you to focus on the task at hand. It’s also a good idea to equip the best gear you have before entering the Rift, as this will help you survive the enemies you encounter.

5. Collect All Available Loot

Don’t forget about all those shiny loot drops scattered throughout the dungeon! Be sure not to miss out on anything by thoroughly searching every room after defeating enemies; it’s worth noting that some rare items may even drop from certain enemy types, so keep an eye open if possible!

6. Mind the Progress Bar

Monitoring your progress bar is key to completing the dungeon quickly and efficiently. You need to kill as many enemies as possible in order to fill the bar quickly, and you should also be aware of any environmental hazards that might slow you down. Knowing when to run and when to fight is essential if you want to make it out of the Rift alive in as little time as possible. Make sure to pick up those purple Rift Progress Orbs, as they will help you fill the bar quickly. The sooner you fill the bar, the sooner the Rift Guardian will appear and the faster you’ll be able to complete the dungeon.

7. Hunt Elite Monsters

If you want to fill up the Rift Progress bars quickly, you should hunt down Elite monsters as they give more progress than normal enemies. Finding elite monsters is easy enough, as they are indicated by those little blue skulls on your minimap. Elite monsters are usually tougher, so come prepared with the right gear and make sure your party is up to the challenge.

Rift Modifiers Diablo Immortal

8. Watch Out for Rift Modifiers

Using Crests will affect the Rift Modifiers that are in effect in the dungeon. Modifiers can either be helpful or detrimental to your success. They can range from granting you elemental attacks to giving additional rare loot. Negative effects can also range from reducing the player’s vision to spawning stronger monsters. There are over 30 Rift Modifiers you can get randomly, and the more crests you put, the more modifiers you get, both positive and negative.

Elder Rift Rewards

Once you’ve completed a dungeon, you’ll be rewarded with a variety of loot and rewards. These rewards can range from any of the following:

  • Gold
  • Gear
  • Runes
  • EXP
  • Fading Embers
  • Legendary Gems

Basically, Elder Rifts are your primary source of Legendary Gems, which you can slot into your gear. You can also farm Fading Embers from the dungeon, which can be used to purchase various Runes in the game. It’s considered one of the most crucial endgame currencies every player should strive to collect in order to maximise their power.

Is it Worth Farming Elder Rifts?

If you’re farming Elder Rifts just to level up and get more gear, then you’re better off going to other dungeons. But if you’re running an Elder Rift and you enhance it with Rare and Legendary Crests, then it’s definitely worth the time and the effort. Elder Rifts are one of the best ways to get Runes, Legendary Gems and other high-end items, so if you’re looking to get the most out of your endgame experience, then Elder Rifts are definitely worth farming.

Final Thoughts

Grinding EXP and farming items are essential to the Diablo Immortal experience, and knowing where to focus your efforts is the key to success. Elder Rifts are a great source of high-end loot, and if you’re looking to get the most out of your endgame experience, then they’re definitely worth farming. Just remember to take advantage of Rare and Legendary Crests to enhance your run, and you’ll be sure to reap the rewards.

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