Mastering Makarov: COD Mobile Guide


CODM Makarov temporary imageGet ready for an explosive update in Call of Duty as the legendary Makarov pistol makes its thrilling debut. With deadly precision and a compact design, this iconic weapon will revolutionize your battlefield experience. The countdown has begun, prepare for intense gunfights and exhilarating victories like never before!

Overview of Makarov

Makarov pistol, one of the infamous weapons in the game. Players can eagerly anticipate obtaining this powerful pistol in the upcoming Season 4.known for its compact size, reliable performance, and moderate firepower. This weapon is gearing its way Alongside exciting rewards and battle pass XP. 

Stats and Best Attachment


Image Credits: COD Mobile 

Here are the base statistics of the Makarov:

  • Damage: 30
  • Accuracy: 93
  • Range: 40
  • Fire Rate: 42
  • Mobility: 115
  • Control: 81

The Makarov pistol already offers exceptional stability and accuracy, providing impressive mobility to players. For those looking to further enhance their tactical abilities, they can explore the “Akimbo” perk alongside four other attachments.

Consider the following attachments for the Makarov pistol in Call of Duty Mobile:

  • Perk: “Akimbo” – Allows players to wield two Makarov pistols simultaneously, but at the cost of reduced damage, range, mobility, and reload time.
  • Ammunition: “20 Round Mags” – Increases magazine capacity, but slightly slows down ADS time and movement speed.
  • Laser: “OWC Laser – Tactical” – Improves ADS time and bullet spread, but the trade-off is visible laser sights.
  • Trigger Action: “Heavyweight Double-Action” – Raises the body damage multiplier (from 1.1 to 1.2), while decreasing ADS time and Fire-to-Sprint delay. However, there will be a slight increase in fire intervals.
  • Rear Grip: “VLK Prizak” – Reduces ADS time and Fire-to-Sprint delay, but may negatively impact stability and accuracy due to increased hit flinch and ADS bullet spread, as well as vertical and horizontal recoils.

Tips and Tricks When Using Makarov

When it comes to the Makarov pistol in Call of Duty, recommended playstyles and strategies can vary depending on the game mode and the specific situation. Here are some general tips for different scenarios:

1. Close-Quarters Combat:

  • Due to its nature as a secondary weapon, the Makarov is well-suited for close-quarters combat. It can be a reliable backup option when engaging enemies in tight spaces.
  • Aim for headshots to maximize damage output and secure quick kills.
  • Take advantage of its semi-automatic fire rate to maintain accuracy while rapidly engaging multiple targets.
  • Consider using the “Akimbo” perk attachment to dual wield the Makarov pistols, which can provide a higher rate of fire and increase your chances of eliminating opponents in close quarters.

2. Long-Range Engagements:

  • The Makarov is not primarily designed for long-range engagements, as it is a pistol with limited range and accuracy.
  • If you find yourself in a long-range encounter, try to close the distance or seek cover to minimize the disadvantage.
  • Utilize cover and movement to make yourself a difficult target for enemies equipped with long-range weapons.
  • Remember that the Makarov’s damage and accuracy may significantly decrease at longer distances, so it’s best to focus on engaging enemies within its effective range.

Makarov is most effective in close-to-medium-range encounters. It can serve as a reliable sidearm to complement your primary weapon, providing a backup option for situations where you need quick and accurate shots. Adapt your playstyle based on the game mode and map layout, and always prioritize positioning and map awareness to maximize your chances of success with Makarov.

The Makarov pistol in Call of Duty Mobile offers versatility for close-quarters combat. Embrace the challenge, experiment with strategies, and showcase your skills with this formidable secondary weapon. Lock and load, soldier, and leave your mark on the battlefield! Share your epic gameplay in the comments below. 

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