Codashop x Honkai: Star Rail Collab Delights Fans with Memorable NPC Experience


Trailblazers in and around Metro Manila had quite a blast during the surprise offline appearance at Honkai: Star Rail Time To Feast event last November 11 and 12. The two-day weekend happening was held at the Robinsons Galleria branch of Mann Hann. Cosplayers and Honkai: Star Rail fans got to participate in the event while enjoying some limited-edition Codashop and Honkai: Star Rail merch.

Gaming Influencers Join the Fun

To kick off the festivities, fans were delighted to see their favourite influencers as hosts and NPCs for the event. Facebook and Twitch streamer Amara Ui along with cosplayer, streamer, and Genshin Impact/Honkai: Star Rail enjoyer Rebyczko headlined the first day of Codashop Quest. Rebyczko, or “Reby”, as her fans call her, came as the resident healer Natasha.

On the second day of the event, TikTok star and voice actor Drei Gaspar surprised the event goers with his signature resonating and charming voice. Reby also made her second appearance, this time dressed as the enigmatic Stellaron Hunter Kafka, one of the most popular characters in the game.

Honkai: Star Rail Cosplayers and Fans Unite

Of course, no Honkai: Star Rail event will be complete without some magnificent cosplayers who really took the time to craft and put together their costumes. There were a couple of Caelus/Stelle cosplayers, who are the main characters of the game, as well as some Dan Heng, March 7th, and Himeko cosplayers. To top it all off, the fluffy and adorable conductor of the Astral Express, Pom-pom, also made an appearance!


Limited Edition Merch Up for Grabs

While waiting in line in the restaurant, Honkai: Star Rail fans and their friends got to participate in a special Codashop Trivia Quest where they needed to answer three questions in varying degrees of difficulty about the game in order to win exclusive prizes. Some Codashop merch, like keychains and stickers, were up for grabs for those brave enough to participate and successfully answer the questions. Winners also got exclusive Codacash gift codes worth P60 each that they can redeem for some Oneiric Shards, Honkai: Star Rail’s premium in-game currency.

Six lucky participants were also gifted limited edition Honkai: Star Rail acrylic stands as part of a raffle draw. Participants who topped up a minimum of P299 were entitled to join the raffle and for the chance to win the coveted prize.

Interview with Event Influencers

After the short but lively festivities, we got to chill and talk with the event hosts and pick their brains about the game and the event. Drei Gaspar who is known for his anime and gaming-related skits on TikTok, really took his NPC role to a whole new level, which kept the fans and cosplayers engaged throughout the event. He also had a great time interacting with some die-hard Honkai: Star Rail fans. According to Drei, “I had a great time. So much energy, of course. My partner in crime, Reby, has been fantastic. To those who already know me, I am a real-life NPC and it’s just me being me.”

Reby, who went through the effort of dressing up as iconic Honkai: Star Rail characters, had this to say: “It’s pretty fun. I always love these activations that they do with Codashop. I’ve done one with them before, and this one just feels like it stepped up even more.” Looking at the fan reactions, seeing her well-made costumes and both of their energy, it seems that enjoyed the event as much as Reby and Drei did.

The Codashop Quest collab with Honkai: Star Rail was a success, thanks in large part to the enthusiastic and dedicated NPCs, fans, and cosplayers. The event was filled with energy and excitement, leaving a lasting impression on both the fans and the hosts. Overall, it was a memorable and enjoyable collaboration that showcased the vibrant and passionate community surrounding Honkai: Star Rail.

Check out the pictures from the fun event!


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