Codashop Global Series


Codashop Global Series Mechanics:

  • The contest will be held monthly, with dates as follows:Registration Period
    CGS5: April 15 – 24
    CGS6: May 19 – 28
    CGS7: June 11 – 20
    CGS8: July 13 – 22 (Approved by DTI-FTEB)
    CGS9: August 13 – 22
    CGS10: September 10 – 19Semi-finals and finals Day (livestreamed):
    CGS5: April 29
    CGS6: May 31
    CGS7: June 26
    CGS8: July 31 (Approved by DTI-FTEB)
    CGS9: August 28
    CGS10: September 25
  • This contest will be held online, nationwide.
  • All amateur teams/players of the featured game will be eligible to participate. To join, players must follow these steps: 1) Each member of the team should register for a Codaclub account using this link: 2) Register your team using this Google form:
  • Deadline of submission of entries would be at 11:59PM of the last day of registration period (refer to the dates above). The qualified teams for the eliminations will be announced via the tournament discord channel. Battlefly will be used for bracketing (see sample bracketing below), and the teams will compete in a knock-out elimination until 4 teams remain. The 4 teams will proceed to the semi-finals in another knock-out elimination for a final round. The winning team from the final round will be considered the Grand winner. The losing team will be considered the Runner-up.
  • The semi-finals and finals will be livestreamed on Codashop’s Facebook page, following the dates above.
  • The Grand Winner will receive P8000 in cash, while the Runner -up will receive P3000 in cash.
  • A team can only register once per tournament.
  • The winners will be announced on Codashop’s Facebook page 2 days after the livestream. Codashop will directly coordinate with the winner to have the prizes sent.
  • The winners will be given at least 60 days from the announcement date to claim their prizes. Unclaimed prizes will be forfeited, subject to DTI’s approval.
  • By participating in the promo, the winner agrees to cooperate with and participate in any advertising or publicity activities of Codashop relating to the contest. The winner agrees that Codashop may publicize their full name or team name and in such mode and manner as Coda considers fit.