Increase your shooting accuracy with this CODM Best SKS Loadout


The SKS Marksman Rifle in CODM is probably the best gun pick for new Operators with its accuracy, mobility, and quick firing rate. It doesn’t have the highest damage output, but it’s still deadly in close to medium-range combat. In this article, we’ll cover the best Attachments and Perks to include in your loadout so you can get higher frags with it. 

The CODM Loadout system sets you up for success. In it, you can switch your battle gear to match different combat modes, install Attachments to enhance your weapon stats, and set Perks that give your character passive abilities to aid you on the battlefield. Tap the Loadout button at the bottom of the Main Lobby to access it.



  • Damage: 60
  • Accuracy: 82
  • Range: 62
  • Fire Rate: 43
  • Mobility: 46
  • Control: 57

CODM Best SKS Loadout

The SKS’ strongest point is its precision, and we will double down on that when building our loadout. Items that improve our stats while aiming will also be of great help, as we’ll be using Aiming Down Sight (ADS) most of the time. 


  • Strike Foregrip: reduces ADS bullet spread and vertical recoil at the cost of movement speed.
  • Extended Mag A: increases magazine capacity by 10. 
  • OWC Light Suppressor: silences SKS at the expense of damage range. 
  • MIP Extended Light Barrel: increases ADS accuracy and damage range.
  • YKN Light Stock: increases ADS movement speed. 
  • Granulated Grip Tape: increases ADS accuracy.
  • OWC Laser – Tactical: reduces sprint-to-fire delay, reduces ADS time and bullet spread. Emits laser for better accuracy.


  • Red: Iron Lungs – hold your breath longer for steadier shots.
  • Green: Toughness – flinch is reduced by 60%. 
  • Blue: High Alert – your vision pulses when enemies outside your view see you. Marks enemies and reveals their equipment and scorestreaks when using ADS. 


  • Adjust your hand position and use the claw grip to turn ADS mode on and off while strafing.
  • Aim further ahead on the path of a moving target. This makes tracking a lot easier on a semi-automatic rifle.
  • Treat it like a sniper. Don’t spam; try to make all your shots count to take advantage of the gun’s semi-automatic firing rate. 

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