MLBB Heroes to counter Roger


MLBB Heroes to counter Roger

Roger is one of the top favorite marksmen among the MLBB heroes pool. Aside from he is a well-known marksman, he is also considered a fighter who brought the damage he could deal with. Brought by several updates and seasons passed. A lot of heroes have been introduced and overpowered by Roger in certain games. Here are the heroes who can counter Roger and items to work around. 

Heroes to Counter Roger


Aurora Foxy Lady

Aurora is known to have long stunning abilities that immobilize enemies for a longer period than other mages in Mobile Legends. It inhibits Roger from utilizing his attack speed and even transforming himself into a wolf, which allows him to deal more significant damage. Aside from that, once Aurora has stunned Roger, she can easily follow it up with her burst attack that quickly takes down Roger on the battlefield. 


Franco_Wheatfield Nightmare

Franco is one of the MLBB tanks with extraordinary stunning and assaulting capabilities. When he catches Roger with his deadly hook, escaping alive can be challenging even for a fighter of Roger’s caliber.



Although Miya and Roger are both marksmen, he will have difficulty keeping up with Miya’s attack speed and reap damage. Miya can be lethal on the battlefield, which causes Roger not to want to face her, especially 1v1 during the early game. 



Aldous may be everyone’s most hated hero, whether in Mythic or simply whenever they have to meet him. Most of the time, Aldous is everyone’s main target during battles to inhibit him from buffing and later coming after them. Roger is one of those heroes who should play safe when facing Aldous. Aldous can easily defy Roger’s claws even if he intentionally targets him. 

Counter Items

  • Antique Cuirass
  • Dominance Ice
  • Wind of Nature
  • Blood Wings
  • Blade Armor
  • Twilight Armor
  • Brute Force

Counter Tips

Roger is powerful and can dominate the battlefield during the game. However, despite choosing the best hero against him, it still varies how you play against a hybrid fighter/marksman.
Having the perfect counter strategies complemented by the best counter items will increase your chances to dominate the battlefield, and so will your team on your way to winning.

  • During the early game, avoid going with the same lane where Roger is. It is best to farm on minions and creeps first. 
  • Prioritize items that would work best for your chosen hero, and work around with the counter items to compliment your current build. 
  • Work with your skill combo and significantly call for assistance if Roger has already bulked with EXP. 
  • Speaking of EXP, Roger usually goes for life steal when killing his opponents. So it is best to build not only your EXP, but also your HP. 

Things are heating up now. Of course, you wouldn’t risk losing rank games when facing Roger, right?  Hone your skills as early as now and dominate the battlefield with the best Roger counter heroes. Before you start the grind, don’t forget to top up Mobile Legends Diamonds at Codashop to enjoy a fast, convenient, and hassle-free gaming experience.