Starlight, Star Bright – Is Starlight Membership Worth the Bucks?


Who wants to go full throttle towards Mobile Legends supremacy? Are you familiar with Starlight? Can RM40 give you an instant headway in the game? Let’s find out.

The elements of MLBB: diverse heroes (inspired by regional legends) and various game modes constitute an exciting ecosystem. But as it progresses, users will actually want more.

There’s a ‘battle spell’ in the game that will try luring players to upgrade. A year into MLBB, I found a thrill in the good old hack-and-slash scheme. I decked foes in Classic, duked it out with the squad in all-important ranked matches. From Warrior, I became Legend. (Look out Mythic, I’m coming for you.)

Later on, I felt I needed more. I wanted to look more badass, more formidable. I want to be set apart from the 5-man roster. Being a solid Support user, I’ve grown tired seeing Estes, the healer supreme and Angela, the stunner, in their basic looks.

Fortunately, there’s an enticing way to get ‘buffed up’ – all with a swipe. Call it the Starlight cavalry.

Star Power. Skin Savers

Starlight Membership is a monthly subscription in MLBB. You need to shell out diamonds, starting at 385 for regular Starlight Member and 770 for Starlight Member Plus.

Here’s the deal. Say you have an extra Php500 to spare. A recharge at Codashop will give you 570 diamonds to land a Starlight membership good for 31 days. But that’s not all! You get these goodies too (up to level 60):

Starlight Exclusive Skin of the Month. They are rare and will be available only after a year at the shop. 

Weekly FREE Heroes. Dreaming of getting a Savage with Ling and his deadly sword drop? How about Alice and her sinister glow of doom to wipe out enemies? Get instant access to select heroes on a weekly rotation.

Weekly FREE Skins. See the difference with Saber’s lethal flying sword in his Fullmetal Ronin suit. Experience Zilong’s majestic full-plate armor and medieval spear as he dons the Blazing Lancer. New skins will give a new perspective on various hero skills.

Exclusive Avatar Borders. Bored with your usual avatar? Get a handsome new border to add attitude to your profile.

Weekly Rewards. Get hundreds of Magic Dust to max out battle emblems. Collect Rare Skin Fragments to get Karrie’s fiery Dragon Queen or Gusion’s futuristic Cyber Ops gear. Double BP Cards and Magic Wheel Potion are also for your taking.

Advanced Prize Pool Rewards. It includes Random Permanent Skin, Star Protection Card, and Free Battle Emote to poke fun on the battlefield.

If you can opt to go the higher tier, the Starlight Member Plus is a game-changer:

Level up faster with 2900 points granted right away.

Starlight Gem. Collect 3 and exchange for an elite skin including Belerick’s metal model, Torch Guardian. Helcurt’s frigid Ice Scythe skin is literally cool!

Sacred Statue. Reach Level 60 to own Sacred Statues that turn turrets into your favorite heroes.
FAST FACT: They grant +5 star raising bonus points too!

Get ALL THIS ON TOP of your regular subscription rewards.

Bonus tips: Get 30% off your first purchase. Unlock discount vouchers via events. I got a 20% off on my next renewal and that spelled a world of difference.

Is it worth the money?

YES. The inclusions are absolutely sweet. My main goal to look cooler with a shiny skin hits first blood. New skin means an entirely different set of skill effects. It creates a string of visual edge that boost gameplay. It’s the ‘oomph!’ factor making the game more dynamic and competitive. Moreover, designs are well crafted; from modern-day fashion, avant-garde costumes to mecha-inspired suits. Added bragging rights? You bet!

Those who dig skins for aesthetic reasons, go for it. Collectors who don’t want to miss out on exclusive looks, this one’s a no-brainier. The cost of picking up an elite skin from the shop is nearly the same when you get the regular Starlight, so why not choose the one bundled with lots of perks?

As a friend would put it: “I don’t care how many times I get slain. As long as I die looking cool, I’m still awesome!”

Star Protection Points help in Rank Games. It saves precious stars when you lose, proves vital when you gun for a spot it the premier Mythic league. Everyone hates losing; worse, losing one or two stars. Additional BPs are catalyst when you want to buy a new hero or upgrade emblem. Other add-ons enable you to reach your hero’s full potential — most effective slayer, most reliable tank or the most consistent support hero.

As a consumer, we love seeing our characters progress to the next level. I think the privilege of Starlight is worth the cost. There are smaller, cheaper bundles, but its effects are short-lived compared to 31-day treats.

To cap off, look at it at a wider perspective. The subscription fee greatly helps to keep the game updated: new heroes, new skins, new events. The funding will help developers work harder for fresher content. This keeps the entire program alive, more sustainable, and with more gamer inclined.

Starlight? Call it Victory!



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