Mobile Legends March Starlight Perks: Khufra “Dreadful Clown”


Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends Bang Bang March Starlight Perk | Starlight Member Khufra “Dreadful Clown” 

Is Khufra your favourite Mobile Legends go-to hero? Good news, peeps! This new skin is a must buy 🤩 For the month of March, Moonton has announced that Dreadful Clown Khufra will be the Starlight skin.

Some players might be terrified of the skin, but others will enjoy its perfect blend of horror and carnivale themes. Khufra now wears a white and black tuxedo and a top hat. And does the new skin seems familiar to you? Yes! It reminds us of the sinister DC character, Joker 🤡

As for his abilities, Khufra now throws a playing card with his passive Spell Curse. Tyrant’s Revenge, Bouncing Ball, and Tyrant’s Rage now leave a purple trail of cards behind him.

Check out the skin preview below!

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