Mobile Legends April Starlight Skin: Kagura – Rainy Walk


Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends Bang Bang April Starlight Perk | Starlight Member Kagura “Rainy Walk” 

Calling out all Kagura mains out there, REJOICE!! Mobile Legends Bang Bang has released another skin for Kagura – Rainy Walk after Khufra’s sinister “Deadly Clown” in March last night.

The skin features Kagura sporting a pink bob cut, casual outdoor outfit with a shiny, silver raincoat, and yellow boots. It is aesthetically pleasing! But have you noticed her cute yellow umbrella? It has a cartoon face of a chicken. Absolutely KAWAII 😱

She shoots water with her umbrella. A colorful line will appear when you summon your umbrella with Seimei Umbrella Open or Rasho Umbrella Flee instead of the usual transparent blue line. A water bubble will burst around her every time she picks up her umbrella for Ying Yang Gathering.

Starting from today, you can choose one among five starlight skins, including Rainy Walk Kagura. Members will also be able to change weekly free heroes and skins at-will!

Check out the skin preview below!

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