July Starlight Member | Hayabusa “Biological Weapon”


July Starlight Member Hayabusa Biological Weapon

Hayabusa is a ghostly Ninja that who can kill his opponents with his Ulti “Ougi” without leaving a trace in the blink of an eye. In addition to a deadly attack, he also has excellent defense skills. Hayabusa is one of the best Solo Lane heroes because he can finish off creep lane very quickly.

During Draft pick, Hayabusa is the safest bet because players don’t usually ban or pick him. In matchup where people are not used to play against Hayabusa, you can easily get wipe them out. Some even say that this is a Hero you’ll never feel bored using even up to 500 matches.

July Starlight Member

In July Starlight membership, you’ll be getting a new “Biological Weapon” skin for Hayabusa that looks cool and intimidating! His impenetrable armor will protect him during team fights and eliminate enemies is style with his upgraded green slayer.

Get this look, along with other Starlight-exclusive rewards like painted skin, avatar borders and more!

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