Elevate Your Deck: A Guide to Card Evolution in Clash Royale


Clash-Royale-How-to-Evolve-Cards (1)In the strategic and competitive world of Clash Royale, mastering the art of evolving cards can provide an undeniable advantage. This guide provides a sophisticated, comprehensive approach to understanding the process of card evolution in Clash Royale, a popular real-time strategy video game. It delivers invaluable insights and tactics to maximize your gameplay, strengthen your deck, and gain a competitive edge over your opponents. Whether you are a novice or seasoned player, this guide offers smart strategies to help you ascend to the top of the leaderboard.

During the last June update, Supercell introduced a couple of new changes, including Elite Wild Cards, King Level 15, and the much-awaited Card Evolution. This new system literally shook the current meta as it allowed players to activate normal cards with enhanced stats after a certain number of cycles. The Card Evolution update brings an exciting twist to the way the game is played, giving players the opportunity to further boost their cards’ utility and damage potential. Let’s take a deep dive into the nature of Card Evolution, how to unlock it, and how to use it effectively.

Understanding Card Evolution

Card Evolution is a new feature added in a recent update that essentially lets you put your normal units into overdrive after a certain number of times during battle. You’ll notice an Evolution Slot added to your deck’s information panel. The Evolution Slot displays Dark Elixir drops, which are visible to both you and your opponents. After triggering the Evolution, you can use the card as you would any other card. When the drops are full, you can trigger the Evolution, and your normal card now becomes enhanced. This feature shifts the current strategy meta in the game, and players are required to think about when and where to use their evolved cards for maximum efficiency.

Evo Card Slot Clash Royale
Image courtesy of the Supercell Official Blog

Evolution Slots is a special slot on your deck where you put all your Card Evolutions. The first slot can be unlocked at King Level 7. You must put any Evolved cards in this slot. Otherwise, their intended effect will not trigger during battle, and they will only function as a normal card. So, make sure you have the right cards in the right slots before you challenge an opponent.

What Makes Card Evolutions Different from Normal Cards?

Evo Knight Clash Royale
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Through Card Evolution, cards can unlock unique animations and improved stats in contrast to their base versions. It’s like an awakened or upgraded version of a regular card with some newly unlocked abilities. For example, a typical Barbarian card will become Evolved after one attack cycle. An Evolved Barbarian will become enraged, and with every hit they deal against an enemy, they increase their attack and speed, which can stack with each hit. Currently, there are only a handful of cards with evolution right now but more will be added as the game developers continue to update and expand the game. Here’s a list of all the cards with evolutions available in the game so far:

Evo Card Cycles Needed to Activate Special Abilities
Barbarian 1 Gain a hit speed and movement speed boost for every hit, which can stack indefinitely.
Firecracker 2 Hits cause explosive sparks that cause AoE damage and additional damage per second.
Knight 2 Gain an HP and DPS boost as well as 80% damage reduction while moving.
Mortar 2 Gain an HP and hit speed boost. Aside from the typical projectile, the Evolved Mortar will launch an additional Goblin to deal more damage to the enemy.
Royal Giant 1 Gains the ability to deal splash damage and knockback to units around him. 
Skeletons 2 Summons additional skeletons with every attack. A maximum number of 6 skeletons can be summoned.
Royal Recruits 1 Gain the ability to charge to the nearest target when the shield is lost.

How to Use Evolved Cards

To use an evolved card, you must first unlock them by obtaining Evolution Shards. You also need to reach King Level 7 to unlock your Evolution slot, where you’ll place any Evolved cards that you have. Once all requirements are met, you can now use Card Evolutions in play. After using an Evolved unit into play, the cycle will reset, and they will return to their standard state until the next evolution cycle is triggered. However, it’s worth noting that you must play the original card a set number of times before you can use its evolved form again. 

How to Unlock Card Evolutions

First Batch Evo Clash Royale
Image courtesy of the Supercell Official Blog

As mentioned above, Evolution Shards are required to transform your normal cards into Evolved ones. Evolution shards can be Evo Shards for a particular unit or Wild Shards that can be used for a card of your choosing. Wild Shards are Magic Items that can even be used to unlock the initial Evo Shard for any card that has an Evolution. These shards can be particularly hard to come by, but there are several ways to obtain them. The easiest way is to go through your Pass Royale and obtain the shards as rewards or purchase them from the Season Shop. Other ways of obtaining Evo Shards include:

  • Challenges
  • The Shop
  • Level-up Chests after King Level 50

Wild Shards can only be obtained by purchasing them from The Shop or the Season Shop.

All in all, Card Evolutions provide a great way for players to further enhance their favourite cards and strengthen their deck. This feature not only increases the power and versatility of the cards but also adds a new layer of strategy to the game. If you want to get ahead of your opponent, you must carefully consider which Evolved cards to use and when to do so, taking into account the various abilities they bring to the battlefield.

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