Master the Battlefield: Unveiling the Best Weapons in PUBG Mobile 2023


PUBG Mobile Best Weapons (1)Since its release, PUBG Mobile has taken the gaming world by storm. This battle royale game has captured the hearts of millions with its intense gameplay and ever-shrinking map, pitting players against each other in a fight for survival. Which gun is best to use in the game? Worry no more.

In this article, we’ll provide essential insights into the best guns to use in PUBG Mobile, regardless of the situation. Whether you’re looting buildings, engaging in close-quarters combat, or taking long-range shots, we’ve got you covered with the top firearm choices and what to watch for when scouting for weapons.

Types of Weapons in PUBG Mobile

Here is a list of different types of weapons in PUBG Mobile. There are many options, so you can try them out to see which works best for how you like to play the game:

Assault Rifles

  • M416
  • AKM
  • M16A4
  • SCAR-L

Sniper Rifles

  • AWM
  • Karabiner 98 Kurz (KAR98k)


  • S12K
  • S686

Submachine Guns

  • UMP9


  • P18C

Melee Weapons

  • Pan

List of Best Weapons in PUBG




This assault rifle is a favorite due to its balanced stats and manageable recoil. The M416 is best suited for close to mid-range combat. You can swap the Red Dot Sight for a different optic for better accuracy for longer distances. 

  • Power: 43 damage
  • Prime Range: 0 to 36 meters
  • Recoil Spread: 35
  • Firing Speed: 77 / 100
  • Ammo Type: 5.56mm
  • Magazine Capacity: 30 to 42

The top attachments that work well with the M416 in PUBG Mobile include:

  • Compensator
  • Vertical Foregrip
  • Quickdraw Extended Magazine
  • Tactical Stock
  • Red Dot Sight



The UMP is a submachine gun in PUBG that uses 9mm bullets. It already has low recoil, and when you add specific attachments, its recoil becomes even scarcer. The UMP is an excellent choice when pushing into enemy areas or defending a position because it shoots bullets quickly. It’s beneficial when you’ve just landed and are up against enemies without protective vests.

  • Ammo Type: 9mm
  • Damage: 41
  • Fire Rate: 0.092s
  • Magazine Size: 25 (can be extended to 35 with an Extended Magazine attachment)
  • Reload Time: 2.5s (approximate)
  • Bullet Speed: 400 m/s
  • Firing Modes: Single, Burst (2-round), and Auto
  • Recoil: Moderate but manageable

The top attachments that work well with the UMP-45 

  • Vertical Foregrip
  • Extended QuickDraw Mag
  • Compensator 


The Groza is known for its high damage output and relatively low recoil, making it a popular choice among players when they find it in the game. It’s often considered one of the most powerful assault rifles in PUBG.

  • Power: 49 damage
  • Range: 0 to 38 meters
  • Recoil Spread: 38
  • Ammo Type: 7.62mm
  • Magazine Capacity: 30 to 42

The top attachments that work well with the GROZA in PUBG Mobile include:

  • Suppressor
  • Quickdraw Extended Magazine
  • Red Dot Sight

You can also switch out the red dot sight for a different long-range sight to enhance your visibility.

DBS (Double-Barrel Shotgun)

The DBS is unique in PUBG because it fires both barrels simultaneously, delivering a powerful close-range punch. It’s known for its high damage potential but limited magazine size and slower reload time compared to other shotguns. The DBS is particularly effective in close-quarters combat scenarios.

  • Ammo Type: 12 Gauge
  • Damage: 26 per pellet (it fires 14 pellets, so total damage is higher)
  • Fire Rate: Double-barrel (fires both barrels simultaneously)
  • Magazine Size: 2 rounds
  • Reload Time: Shell-by-shell reload, can be slow
  • Bullet Speed: 360 m/s
  • Firing Modes: Double-barrel (fires both barrels at once)
  • Attachments: Cannot accept most standard weapon attachments

Top attachments that work well with DBS

  •  Marauder Suppressor.
  • RTC Steady Stock.
  • Extended Barrel (+2).
  • Stippled Grip Tape.
  • MIP Laser 5mW.

AWM – Sniper



The AWM sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile is considered one of the deadliest weapons in the game, primarily due to its immense damage and long-range capabilities. 

  • Power: 105 damage
  • Range: 0 to 100 meters
  • Recoil Spread: 15
  • Magazine Capacity: 5 to 7
  • Ammo Type: 300 Magnum

The optimal accessories for the AWM rifle in PUBG Mobile include:

  • Suppressor 
  • 8x Scope 
  • Cheek Pad 
  • Quickdraw Extended Mag

There you go, the top guns for PUBG Mobile. This arsenal covers short, medium, and long distances. Having these weapons can give you a big edge in games, but remember, it’s not a guarantee to win. You need to outsmart your foes and avoid rash fights to secure victory.

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