MLBB: Novaria Hero Guide


Novaria, the Star Rebel, is MLBB’s latest addition to its Legend pool. She’s a highly mobile mage who uses otherworldly powers to overcome her adversaries, and when played optimally, she can snuff them out in one hit. In this article, we’ll go over Novaria’s abilities and some tips so you can start dominating your matches with her.

MLBB Novaria

How to win in MLBB using Novaria

Novaria Skills/Abilities

As a half-human, half-star being, Novaria is a kind, loving teammate and a cold and lethal enemy. Her kit reflects this by buffing her damage potential and enlarging the enemies’ hitboxes, making it easier for your teammates to perform their skill shots.

Star Trail

Astral Spheres summoned by Novaria will continuously slow nearby enemies by 20%. Astral Spheres deal damage and reveal hidden enemies’ locations for 2 seconds.

Astral Meteor

Novaria summons an Astral Sphere at the target location and deals damage six times. After 2 seconds, the Astral Sphere explodes, dealing damage and multiplying the original slow effect by 2.5.

Astral Recall

Novaria summons an Astral Sphere at a distance and draws it toward her. At the same time, Novaria gains 20% Movement Speed and the ability to pass through terrains. Passing through a terrain gives a 60% Movement Bonus. When the Astral Sphere returns to Novaria, she can launch it towards any direction within 5 seconds to deal damage. The Astral Sphere’s damage will depend on its total travel distance.

Astral Echo

Novaria scatters Astral Echo in the target direction, briefly slowing enemy heroes by 50% while applying an Astral Ring on them. Astral Ring expands the enemy hitbox by 250% and reveals their location for 8 seconds.

Like on many glass cannon heroes, Novaria’s build focuses on amplifying her damage output. Items like Lightning Truncheon, Clock of Destiny, and Divine Glaive are a must-build while the Flameshot battle spell gives a little bit of extra damage to secure kills in the early game. Movement speed items paired with Blood Wings’ shield also proves to be a lifesaver as she tends to be a hot target for ganks. 

MLBB Novaria Item Build

Item build

  • Magic Shoes: +10% Cooldown Reduction, +40 Movement Speed
  • Clock of Destiny: +60 Magic Power, +500 HP, +600 Mana
  • Lightning Truncheon: +75 Magic Power, +400 Mana, +10% Cooldown Reduction
  • Ice Queen Wand: +300 HP, +75 Magic Power, +10% Magic Lifesteal, +7% Movement Speed
  • Divine Glaive: +65 Magic Power
  • Blood Wings: +500 HP, +150 Magic Power

Mage emblem build

  • Agility for added movement speed
  • Observation for increased Magic Penetration
  • Bargain Hunter for faster acquisition of core items 

Battle spell

  • Flameshot: fires a flaming projectile that slows down and deals damage to the target, while also knocking back nearby enemies. 

Tips and strategies

  • With an 8-second cooldown at Level 1, Novaria’s Star Trail is an effective zoning tool. Use this to poke your mid-lane counterpart and put them at a disadvantage.
  • Skill 2 is your bread and butter; max this skill as soon as possible.
  • Before engaging your enemy, remember to cast your Skill 2 in the opposite direction. This ensures the Astral Sphere travels further, leading to more significant damage.
  • As a mage, Novaria will naturally be squishy, especially in the early game. Good thing she also has an escape tool with Astral Recall. When planning your escape route, try to pass terrains to get the pursuers out of your tail. Passing terrains also activates the Movement Speed bonus.
  • The Astral Recall projectile travels swiftly, but its small size means you must be precise with your skill shots. To minimize whiffing, slow your targets down with Skill 1 first or enlarge their hitboxes with your Ultimate.

Novaria’s high-risk, high-reward playstyle makes her a fun pick, especially for players who take pride in their mechanical skill, positioning, and timing. With a substantial 20% to 50% slow, I could see her being played in the top levels, where players are more deliberate and accurate with their movements. Do you think she’ll tilt the meta? 

Let us know what you think in the comments! And remember to top up your Mobile Legends Diamonds only here at Codashop to enjoy a fast, secure, and hassle-free experience. 



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