Unleash the Power: Free Fire Alok Guide


Free Fire AlokAs Free Fire celebrates its 6th anniversary, a special treat awaits players in the form of the coveted Awakened Alok Bundle. This guide will lead you to acquire this exclusive bundle, ensuring you don the powerful Awaken Alok outfit and stand out on the battlefield. Join us as we unravel the secrets to securing this limited-time treasure and embrace the anniversary festivities in style.

Who is Alok

Alok is a popular character in the battle royale game Free Fire. He is a renowned Brazilian DJ and a playable character known for his unique in-game ability called “Drop the Beat.” Alok’s ability creates a music zone that increases movement speed and restores health for himself and nearby teammates. His inclusion in the game has made him a beloved figure among players for his distinctive ability and charismatic persona.

How to Obtain Awakened Alok

For those who missed the event, it’s not too late because you can still acquire the Awakened Alok. All you have to do is play Free Fire matches with Alok and complete the Awakening Mission. Once you finish the entire mission, you’ll earn an Alok Awakening Emblem. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the character section in your account and choose Alok.
  2. Click on the Awakening option to see a new screen.
  3. Then, just tap the claim button to get your rewards.

Note that you cannot purchase Awakened Alok through the Garena Store. 

Alok’s Abilities

Alok improves players’ agility and recuperation in combat, allowing them to perform amazing feats. His abilities extend to assisting teammates, a critical aspect of the team’s win.

Drop the Beat, Alok’s active ability creates a 5-meter aura that increases movement speed by 15% and recovers 3 HP per second for 10 seconds, with a 45-second cooldown. Furthermore, Alok’s awakening talent, Party Remix, adds a new twist. While the aura is active, music notes drop in 2-second intervals, lasting 5 seconds. Teammates who gather these notes benefit from a healing rate of 3 HP per second for 10 seconds, increasing their resilience and involvement in combat.

Is it Worth it to Unlock Alok?

Absolutely! Unlocking Alok in Free Fire can bring several advantages and enhance your gameplay experience. Here are five reasons why Alok is worth unlocking:

  1. Versatile Support: Alok’s abilities offer a unique blend of mobility and healing, making him a versatile support character. His presence benefits the team by providing movement speed boosts and continuous healing, aiding both aggressive engagements and defensive maneuvers.
  2. Game-Changing Ultimate: Alok’s ultimate ability, Party Remix, drops healing music notes for teammates. This can turn the tide of battles, providing sustained healing to you and your squad, allowing you to outlast opponents in prolonged fights.
  3. Strategic Advantage: The movement speed boost from Drop the Beat can give you a tactical edge. Whether it’s rushing to control points, escaping the zone, or positioning yourself for a surprise attack, Alok’s speed boost can significantly impact your positioning in critical moments.
  4. Team Synergy: Alok’s abilities shine in team-based modes like Squad and Duo. By supporting your teammates with increased mobility and healing, you can enhance team coordination, survivability, and synergy, leading to more successful engagements.
  5. Impactful Awakening: Alok’s awakened ability further amplifies his support capabilities, dropping healing music notes. This ability not only provides individual healing but also benefits your entire team, making Alok a game-changer during intense battles.


Incorporating Alok into your character roster can elevate your Free Fire gameplay by fostering teamwork, improving survivability, and helping you make more strategic decisions. With his unique blend of abilities, Alok can truly contribute to your success on the battlefield.

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