Mastering Wild Rift’s Yone Build: Unleash Your Power!


Wild Rift Yone GuideWelcome to League of Legends: Wild Rift, where champions combat without limits. In the middle of the Rift’s mayhem, one name stands out for might and mastery: Yone, the unyielding samurai. In this tutorial, we’ll go deep into combat to discover the secrets of the best Wild Rift Yone build. Prepare to harness your inner warrior as we reveal the secrets to making Yone an unstoppable force in Wild Rift. 

Who is Yone?

Yone IntroductionYone, an older half-brother to Yasuo, differed significantly in character—patient and disciplined versus Yasuo’s impulsiveness. Mastering dual blades at the village’s renowned sword school, Yone’s talent garnered respect. His humility influenced Yasuo to become Elder Souma’s apprentice. Yone defended the village against Noxus, while Yasuo protected their master. On returning, Yone found Yasuo missing and Elder Souma dead. Feeling he’d failed to guide Yasuo, they dueled, and Yone fell to Yasuo’s superior technique, never learning the truth. In death, he vanquishes a vengeful spirit with its own weapon, donning a demonic mask that drives him to hunt such creatures, seeking understanding.

Understanding Yone’s Abilities

Passive | Way of the Hunter 

Yone’s Critical Hit rate doubles, but his Critical Strikes deal 20% less damage. This means Yone only needs two Critical Strike items to reach 100% Critical Strike. His attacks also deal magic damage, making it challenging to defend against him.

Skill 1 | Mortal Steel 

Yone dashes forward, hurting enemies and gaining a stack if he hits one. Two stacks let him dash again and launch enemies into the air. This move can go through walls and benefits from Critical Strikes and on-hit effects. Attack Speed affects its cooldown.

Skill 2 | Spirit Cleave 

Yone swings his sword, dealing physical and magic damage. If he hits an enemy, he gets a shield that’s bigger when hitting champions. Use it to farm minions and trade with enemies.

Skill 3 | Soul bound

Yone dashes forward, becoming a spirit, gaining speed, and marking enemies he hits. When it ends, he returns to his body, dealing extra damage to marked enemies. He can also return to his body early. Build up stacks before using it for maximum impact.

Ultimate | Fate Sealed 

Yone hits all enemies in his path, dealing Physical and Magic Damage. Then he teleports behind the last enemy hit, pulling them to him. Use it to group enemies for team attacks, and it extends Soul Possession’s duration.

Recommended Build for Yone

Yone Item BuildYone shares a similar item setup with Yasuo, favoring attack speed and critical items. For our Wild Rift Yone Build, we recommend Blade of the Ruined King, Phantom Dancer, Infinity Edge, and Bloodthirster. These items boost his attack speed, critical hits, and lifesteal, enhancing his damage output. In late-game situations, Guardian Angel can be helpful, allowing Yone to quickly rejoin the fight after dying.

  • Blade of The Ruined King 
  • Phantom Dancer 
  • Quicksilver Enchant
  • Infinity Edge 
  • Bloodthirster 
  • Guardian Angel

As for the runes, it’s practically the same principle. Focus on either damage, attack speed and life steal. Some recommended runes are:

  • Conqueror 
  • Triumph 
  • Bone Plating 
  • Lethal Tempo

Strategies when using Yone

When wielding Yone’s power, consider these effective strategies to dominate the battlefield:

  1. Aggressive Laning: Exploit Yone’s early-game strength by utilizing Spirit Cleave to both farm minions and harass enemy champions. Seize the opportunity to hit multiple foes with the skill to maximize your shield strength.
  2. Gathering Storm Management: Master the art of accumulating Gathering Storm stacks with your thrust ability. Once you reach two stacks, unleash Mortal Steel for an unexpected dash and airborne crowd control.
  3. Spirit Form Synergy: Harness the potential of Yone’s Spirit Form. Make use of the movement speed boost to engage or disengage, and mark champions with your attacks and abilities for later damage.
  4. Teleportation Tactics: With Fate Sealed, strike and teleport behind the last enemy hit, dragging them toward your team. This clever maneuver clusters foes for powerful team-wide assaults.
  5. Itemization Precision: Opt for items like Blade of the Ruined King, Phantom Dancer, Infinity Edge, and Bloodthirster to ramp up your attack speed, critical strikes, and lifesteal. Consider Guardian Angel to make a swift return in late-game clashes.
  6. Skillful Ultimate Usage: Employ Soul Unbound strategically. Use it to dive into the fray, mark enemies, and deal damage before swiftly returning to your body. Pair it with Fate Sealed to extend its duration and control the battlefield.
  7. Combination Mastery: Integrate your abilities seamlessly for maximum impact. Set up Spirit Cleave and Mortal Steel to ensure knockups during your ultimate, Fate Sealed, for devastating damage.
  8. Teamplay Coordination: Communicate with your team to capitalize on Fate Sealed’s grouping potential. Follow up on clustered enemies to unleash massive team damage.
  9. Awareness of Cooldowns: Understand the impact of Attack Speed on your abilities’ cooldowns and cast times. Optimize your Attack Speed to enhance your overall combat effectiveness.
  10. Adapt and Evolve: Be flexible in your playstyle, adjusting your strategies to adapt to the evolving dynamics of each match. Remember, Yone’s power lies not just in his abilities but in your ability to read and react to the flow of battle.


Yone can be an unstoppable force in Wild Rift. You can win many ranked games using Yone with the right items and techniques. Focus on being aggressive early in the game to get ahead. When your Ultimate is ready, ask for help to surprise enemies in other lanes. Learning Yone might be tough at first, but the rewards are worth it. So don’t hesitate to give him a try. We’re here to help you succeed.

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