VALORANT Phoenix Agent Guide


VALORANT Phoenix Agent GuideAre you ready to ignite the battlefield and outplay your enemies? Look no further than Agent Phoenix in VALORANT. This fiery character is a force to be reckoned with and can heal himself, making him a key asset to any team. This guide will focus on Phoenix’s abilities as a duelist in VALORANT. It will cover his role in a team, the pros and cons, and strategies to win games with Phoenix. So get ready to light up the battlefield with Phoenix in VALORANT! 

Who is Phoenix?

Jamie Adeyemi is a rapper from London’s Peckham neighborhood. Adeyemi attended a performing arts school in the neighborhood as a child but was subsequently suspended. Adeyemi was recruited into the VALORANT Protocol as its ninth agent, “Phoenix,” and was significantly involved with the Protocol’s actions beginning in 10 AFL. He could not prevent a spike explosion in Venice on a single assignment since important information was hidden from him as a “need-to-know” for a fresh recruit. The next day, Phoenix was granted another chance to halt one when another incident happened in Rabat. Here, he first saw the solitary offender, his own Omega counterpart.

Phoenix Abilities

Phoenix makes use of fire, which enables him to damage and blind enemies as well as restore himself.

Blaze (C)

Phoenix summons a wall that blocks eyesight and harms anybody who travels through it except Phoenix. Blaze (C) can also be bent by holding down fire (left click), allowing Phoenix to provide safe passage or restrict foes’ eyesight more precisely.

Blaze (C) lasts 8 seconds and heals Phoenix for 69 HP over the wall’s duration. The wall costs 200 credits and is available just once every round.

It is best used when Phoenix attempts to push into a spike location or when adversaries attempt. Phoenix’s purpose as a duelist is to clear space while pressing onto the battlefield, and with Blaze (C), Phoenix may close off several angles that his foes are holding.

Curveball (Q)

Phoenix blinds enemies around a corner by using Curveball (Q). He can bend the blinds left by left-clicking and right by right-clicking. One of the reasons Phoenix is regarded as beginner-friendly is that he does not have to reveal himself to exploit his usefulness. The ability has two charges, each of which may be purchased for 250 credits. The blind can persist for slightly over a second, or 1.1 seconds.

Because Phoenix is a duelist who plays entry, you should use Curveball (Q) to flash enemies holding angles, allowing your team to peek and use their utility or push onto the site. Phoenix may also utilize Curveball (Q) to protect a spike site by holding an angle and flashing around it when enemies press upon it. This allows his team to rotate and Phoenix to peep for a pick.

Hot Hands (E)
Hot Hands

Phoenix’s hallmark ability, Hot Hands (E), lets him toss a fireball that bursts into an area of effect fire zone when it hits the ground. Heated Hands (E) lasts slightly over 3 seconds and does 60 damage per second. Phoenix is the only agent who will not be burned by his Hot Hands (E) but instead, be healed by the ability. He heals at 12.5 HP per second, which is highly useful when coupled with Blaze (C) to restore Phoenix’s health after a fight.

We recommend utilizing Hot Hands (E) with caution since, while it heals Phoenix, it also harms teammates, which means they cannot always push through if you have dropped Hot Hands (E) in the center of an entrance. You can throw or drop the ability in an entryway or chokepoint to block attackers from pushing hard onto the site. You may also use the power to force an opponent planting the spike to stop. The same applies to attacks, except you may keep them from defusing with your hot hands (E).

Run it Back (R)
Run it Back

While using this ability while attacking, ensure you are in a safe location because you cannot do anything for around a second after teleporting back. If you are flanked by an opponent and are transported back into them, you will die immediately. 

Phoenix may use Run It Back  (X) to push and see what angles the defending enemies are holding and how many are at his pushing location. Phoenix can perform the same thing on defense, except scout out how many attackers are pressing the location he is on. Many players do not expect a hard rush from defense players because it is disastrous if it fails, but Phoenix can use Run It Back (X).

Best and Worst Map for Phoenix

Phoenix excels on Bind as there is no definitive mid area, making it challenging for enemies to rotate without using the teleporters. With Run It Back (X), he can flank enemies on defense by going through the teleporter, using Curveball (Q) to blind enemies waiting. Even if he dies, he respawns safely on the other side of the map. Blaze (C) and Curveball (Q) can be used to obstruct a significant amount of both spike sites for safe pushes, such as blocking vision from heaven while pushing through lamps.

On the other hand, Phoenix struggles on Split, his weakest map due to its verticality.

The enemies can easily see over his blaze (C), especially from Heaven on Site A. His curveball (Q) is only sometimes effective because enemies can evade it.

Additionally, the multiple entryways and chokepoints on B site make it challenging for Phoenix to use his hot hands (E). He may need to use his Run It Back (X) ability to gather information, but enemies can easily hide and wait in different locations, limiting its effectiveness.

Tips and Tricks

Phoenix is a versatile agent that can be used effectively in attacking and defending situations. On attack, he can lead the charge by using his Blaze ability to block off key sightlines and create space for his team to push. Phoenix’s curveball ability can also blind enemies and give him an advantage in gunfights. His “Hot Hands” ability can heal himself or his teammates and clear corners and tight spaces.

Phoenix can use his abilities on defense to hold down critical map areas. His blaze can be used to block off chokepoints and prevent enemies from pushing, while his curveball can be used to stall or disorient attackers. His Run It Back ultimate ability is also handy on defense, allowing him to push aggressively while providing valuable information on enemy positions.

It’s important to remember that Phoenix is a highly aggressive agent, so players should use his abilities to push forward and take control of the map. However, players should also be careful not to overextend and get caught in unfavorable positions. By mastering his abilities and playing to his strengths, Phoenix can be a formidable force on any map in VALORANT.

With Phoenix in your arsenal, you can manipulate the battlefield to your advantage, making it easier to catch your enemies off-guard and take them down. His fire abilities will surely be helpful whether you’re playing offensively or defensively. So don’t hesitate to pick Phoenix for your next match in VALORANT and lead your team to victory with his fiery power and unique playstyle.

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