Clash of Clans Advanced Base Building Guide For All Levels


Clash of Clans Advanced Strategy Guide for All BasesWhether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran sitting pretty in the Legend rank, a good grasp of Clash of Clans (COC) fundamentals is your number one tool in making an impregnable base. When paired with tried-and-tested strategies, these fundamentals are crucial to success as they will aid you in defending against any army composition. With that said, let’s go over the basics to help you jumpstart your COC game. 

Base-building fundamentals

Define your priorities

Set your goals straight! Determine your gameplay objectives and focus on one of these three priorities: trophies, wars, or farming:

  • For trophy, the primary focus is to climb faster in trophy league levels. The base layout strategy revolves around reducing the attacker’s chances of achieving 3-star attacks, ultimately protecting your trophy count.
  • In war, players invest more resources and effort. Defend against skilled attackers in wars and safeguard key structures. Design your base layout to maximize defense.
  • On the other hand, farming bases prioritize the protection of resources, such as loot from the Resource Storage and Collector Buildings. Farming base layout strategies aim to safeguard these valuable assets from potential attackers.

Balancing these priorities is essential, but it’s also important to understand that achieving all goals simultaneously is nearly impossible.

Aerial base CoC

Understand how Buildings work

To effectively build your base, you must understand the uses and benefits of different buildings in COC. Here are some key aspects to consider:

  • Town Hall: The Town Hall serves various purposes. Exposing it can be used as bait to distract attackers, allowing you to prepare your defenses better. On the other hand, fortifying its location within the base can provide added protection for valuable loot and resources.
  • Resource Buildings: With their high HP, Resource Storage can act as shields for high-damage output defenses. Place them strategically to deter attackers from easily looting your resources.
  • Defense Buildings: Understanding defense buildings’ damage types and output helps you identify which areas you want them to focus on. You can strengthen your base’s overall defensive capabilities by prioritizing the defense of specific structures.
  • Army Buildings: While army buildings may not directly contribute to defense, they can funnel attacks into desired areas or spread out attackers, consuming more time and potentially resulting in a Time Fail. One common strategy involves placing Builder’s Huts on the four corners of the map.

Town Hall CoCAdvanced strategies and tips for base-building

  • Know Army and Defense Building Range: Understand the range of commonly used army units on your league level and plan an effective building placement strategy.
  • Master Wall Placement: Create a strong perimeter with walls to slow down enemy troops and channel them into the range of defensive structures, maximizing their effectiveness.
  • Optimize Clan Castle Position: Position the Clan Castle centrally within the base to maximize its defensive potential and allow for the support of donated troops.
  • Trap placement: Strategically placing traps like Bombs, Spring Traps, and Giant Bombs can surprise and eliminate enemy troops, giving you the upper hand in defense.
  • Town Hall protection: Secure loot by protecting the Town Hall and placing it in a more fortified location within the base to deter attackers and minimize loot losses.
  • Master Funneling: Create a funnel using walls and buildings to guide your troops deep inside the base. Pro-tip: The wizard is a great ground troop for funneling!
  • Ensure Air Defense Coverage: Ensure adequate coverage of air defenses to protect against air attacks and minimize damage from airborne troops.
  • Analyze 3-Star Attacks: Study successful and failed attacks on your bases to gain valuable insight and fortify your defenses.
  • Consider the attack time limit in your strategy: Try to visualize how an attacker would approach your defenses and ensure they encounter as many delays as possible. Nothing hurts more than a Time Fail.

Take inspiration from other builds with the Copy Layout feature

Without an extensive understanding of how certain troops and buildings function, beginners might find planning their first base layout perplexing. The Copy Layout feature addresses this as it offers players a convenient and effective way to build their first bases. 

Copy Layout CoCThis feature allows players to replicate base layouts created by other players. Players can save more time and effort by simply copying a base layout than by constructing a base from scratch. This way, they can also apply their fundamental knowledge of Clash of Clans to improve existing builds so that players can achieve optimal results in their base layouts. 

However, it’s important to note that copying a base is just the first step. To truly excel, players should continue improving their base layouts by analyzing successful and failed attacks on their village. Identifying weak points and making adjustments can help you strengthen your defenses and enhance your overall gameplay experience.

Have fun with it

Mastering fundamentals is crucial to succeed in any game but the real fun begins when you engage other players and find your very own CoC community. By interacting with other players, you’ll be able to study their attacks and strategize together. Be sure to join a clan and surround yourself with like-minded Clashers who will join you on your journey to victory.

For more Clash of Clans guides, visit our blog here. While you’re at it, remember to top-up Clash of Clans Gems only at Codashop to enjoy a fast and hassle-free gaming experience.

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