VALORANT Killjoy Agent Guide


VALORANT Killjoy Agent Guide

In the world of VALORANT, you’ve seen agents throw fireballs with their hands or suck the souls of their enemies into oblivion. But with all those otherworldly abilities, there are still those who remain untouched by Radianite in the ranks of the VALORANT Protocol. Perhaps the smartest and most calculating of them all is Killjoy. She is the team’s resident inventor and tactician, using her devices and traps to lock down the battlefield and give her team a decisive edge. In this VALORANT agent guide, let’s move our focus to Killjoy, the master of tech and gadgets.

Who is Killjoy?

Killjoy Contract VALORANT

Klara Böhringer is a young and talented inventor from Germany who received many awards and recognition for her ingenuity. She showed great promise at an early age, becoming the lead researcher for Kingdom’s R&D department at the young age of 18. Eventually, she was recruited to join the VALORANT protocol, where she earned the call sign “Killjoy” after her teammates complimented her due to her innate talent and penchant for improving anything, including their gear. As the embodiment of German efficiency, Killjoy uses her impressive skills to the fullest potential on the battlefield, creating and deploying powerful tech to keep her team one step ahead of the competition. She may not possess any supernatural abilities, but she more than makes up for it with her tech-savvy arsenal.

Abilities and Kit

As the team’s designated inventor and quartermaster, Killjoy’s kit and abilities are more tech-focused, allowing her to be an invaluable asset to her team. Killjoy is considered a Sentinel, which is a role reserved for agents with more utility and defensive capabilities. To more advanced players, Killjoy is known as a “hard” Sentinel, which is focused on standing ground and defending a position. Her abilities are as follows: 

Turret (E)

Killjoy’s primary ability is deploying a stationary turret that locks onto targets and fires a burst of bullets in quick succession. The turret fires at enemies in a 180-degree cone, dealing a decent amount of damage up to a certain distance. Anyone hit by the turret will be slowed down, making them easier to hit and eliminate. Each bullet can deal 8 damage to any opponent within 20 metres. The farther the turret is from the target, the lower the damage dealt.

Enemies can also damage and destroy the turret, so you should be mindful of where you deploy them. By holding the equip button, you can recall the turret and re-deploy it at a more advantageous position.

Alarmbot (Q)

Alarmbot Killjoy VALORANT

Next is Killjoy’s Alarmbot, a robotic minion that she can send out to scout and harass enemies. This is a covert bot that will remain invisible to the enemy’s eyesight once deployed. Once an enemy is within range of the Alarmbot, it will hunt down and follow the target, where it will explode and apply the Vulnerable status effect, making your enemies susceptible to damage from all sources.

Nanoswarm (C)

Killjoy’s Nanoswarm grenade is her most powerful and versatile ability. This grenade can be thrown at a target location and can be detonated at any time. Once detonated, the grenade will release a swarm of nanobots that will quickly spread and cover a large area. Enemies caught in the Nanoswarm will be slowed and take continuous damage for a few seconds. The nanobots can deal a whopping 45 damage per second, making it Killjoy’s most devastating ability. It’s also great for zoning out enemies, as the Nanoswarm will block off certain areas and force enemies to take alternate routes.

Lockdown (X)

Killjoy Ultimate VALORANT

As for Killjoy’s ultimate ability, Lockdown, it’s an incredibly powerful crowd control ability that can be used to completely shut down an area. When activated, a huge energy field will be created that will trap all enemies caught within it for eight seconds. That doesn’t sound much, but it’s enough to keep the enemy at bay while you plant or defuse the Spike. You can even use it to buy yourself some time to heal, reposition, or simply finish off the trapped enemies. With a well-coordinated team, you can use Killjoy’s ult in combination with other agents’ abilities, as it can be used to set up combos or to stop enemies from escaping.

Best and Worst Time to Pick Killjoy

The best time to pick Killjoy is when you need to control an area or when you need to shut down an enemy team’s advance. Her Nanoswarm and Lockdown abilities are great for zoning out enemies and keeping them away from an area. Her Turret is also great for providing mid-range, sustained damage and can be used to control an area or to keep enemies away from objectives.

On the other hand, Killjoy is not the best choice when your team needs a damage dealer. While her Nanoswarm can deal decent damage, she falls short when compared to other agents who specialise in dealing damage. She’s also not the best choice when your team needs someone to flank or take out enemies from long-range, as her kit is mostly focused on crowd control and area denial. Her abilities are mostly defensive, and she is not very good at pushing into enemy territory. She is also not very effective in 1v1 or 2v2 situations, as her abilities are more suited for team fights.

Best Maps for Killjoy

Out of all the maps in VALORANT, Ascent is perhaps the best map for Killjoy. This map is filled with tight corners and narrow passageways, giving players ample opportunity to use Killjoy’s Nanoswarm and Turret to control the area. You should take advantage of her Turrets, which she can place at different heights to provide intel and deal damage from a distance. Her Lockdown ability is also great for shutting down enemies’ approaches and creating flanking opportunities.

Haven is also a great map for Killjoy. Her entire can be well-utilised on both sides of the map to control the area and deny enemies access to certain areas. She can also use her Turret to watch over the mid area and warn her team of any incoming enemies.

If you’re playing on Split, then Killjoy may not be the best choice. While you can survive and make it work, there are just better agents to pick for this map, like Cypher or Raze. This is due to the many height differences in the map, which can diminish the effectiveness of Killjoy’s bots.

All in all, Killjoy is such an incredibly versatile agent, as she can be used in a variety of ways. She is great for controlling and denying areas, as well as providing vision and intel to her team. What’s more, is that she can be effective in a variety of different maps and game modes. So if you’re looking for an agent that can provide utility and support, then Killjoy is definitely the one for you.

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