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MLBB Fighter Archetypes (1)Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang usually come with a vast roster of characters, each with a distinct set of abilities, character designs, and personalities. For new players, picking a main may be as simple as playing the first character that catches your attention or whoever is on top of the current meta, but as you go along on your MLBB journey and discover new things, you’ll find that there are a lot of things to consider when choosing your main legends. 

Your personality, temperament, and natural playstyle are as important as the legend’s kit in determining what works for you and what doesn’t. It’s the reason why we can’t always make a meta character work but get an easy 20-kill record with other off-meta legends. With that said, let’s go over 5 Fighter role archetypes to help you make better picks.

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The Brawler

The Brawler likes to go toe to toe with his foes. He is willing to take damage to land a few shots of his own. Most legends in the Brawler archetype have a short attack range and limited mobility, but there’s almost always no escaping once they close the distance. Brawlers are often durable and get deadlier the longer they are in battle.

Legends like Badang and Paquito are the way to go if you like having stand-offs with your enemies like the Brawler.

The Tactician

The Tactician naturally gravitates to games like MLBB because in it, strategy is key.

When facing their opponents, Tacticians consider every aspect. They have a more methodical and practical approach to the game and a flexible playstyle that can adapt to any opponent. Their attacks are precise and systematic, and it won’t take long before they come knocking at your base. To maximize their chances of winning, Tacticians study the current meta extensively and prefer legends with well-rounded kits like Julian and Benedetta.

The Bully

Legends in the Bully archetype are experts in applying high pressure to their opponents. They often have a fast-paced, high-octane playstyle that leaves their foes feeling helpless. Dyrroth and Yin, who are known for their fast combos and high damage, fall in this category.

The Trickster

Deceit is the Trickster’s main weapon. Players who fall on the Trickster archetype often adopt unconventional playstyles and focus more on making outplays and theatrics than winning. This is the most frustrating fighter type to go against, as their playstyle is centred on juking enemies, often sending clones first for you to waste your skills on and pouncing on you once you’re vulnerable. Try Sun and Guinevere on your next game if you find this playstyle fun.

The Warrior

Unlike the previous archetype, the Warrior faces his opponents head-on. They’re tough and courageous and persevere in the face of adversity. Warrior legends are often highly durable and have abilities that can sustain them in battle. Give Freya, Alucard, and Zilong if you think this is your archetype.

MLBB Freya
Image credits: Moonton

Knowing your archetype helps you approach fights more easily, as it allows you to perform plays based on your instincts. Mastering a legend that fits your playstyle also leaves more room for self-expression, leading to more satisfaction in gaming.

Of course, this is just one of many steps in improving as an MLBB player. Keep in mind that you won’t always get the chance to play your mains, and having some level of flexibility can go a long way. Gearing up with Codashop’s MLBB guides and quick, hassle-free Diamond top-ups also helps big time, so remember to keep an eye out for awesome promos.

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