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Here’s one for the PUBG fandom. How does taking on mysterious bosses complete with sand snakes on a floating ruin sound like? Solve puzzles, crack open majestic treasures and earn Chicken Dinner in the newest game mode called The Ancient Secret. Bring out the big guns and load on essential supplies because the adventure is about to get dicey!

The event is exclusively available to Erangel and Miramar maps. Three things you need to know: Floating Ruins, Puzzles and the Secret Boss Challenge.

Floating Ruins

These two-storey ruins are found in 3 random places from the respective maps. You can easily locate them from the mini-map with their specific markers resembling a pyramid. From the drop off point, pick up your loot before proceeding to a ruin. But take note, there is a timer. After 5 minutes, these ruins will start to float and you have to be inside before the timer ends.

Puzzle Solving

Once you’re in, there is plenty of good loot scattered everywhere. Make sure to stack up on them. You will come across chambers and find ancient puzzles. These are like mini games which you need to solve. There are four puzzles available: Lotus, Scarab, Animal and Sphinx.

Don’t fret, these puzzles are fairly easy to solve. No hardcore brain twists whatsoever. For the Lotus, you need to press the tiles accordingly to light up all the lotus. The Scarab will require you to carefully arrange the tiles to match them with the pattern located below the puzzle. As for the Animal version, you need to match the clues below and activate them in correct order. For the Sphinx puzzle, you just need to guess which area currently has the most player deaths. Each puzzle successfully completed will open a treasure chest to reward you with fantabulous loot.

Secret Boss Battle

Once you’ve gathered all the secrets within, head towards the second level. Activate the mechanisms to wake up a slumbering guardian — a mummy! She will immediately summon sand snakes to attack you. Either you avoid them or shoot them dead (they leave plenty of ammo behind). Doing so will give you enough room to move freely to face the big baddie.

The guardian will use her mystical sand attacks against you. Make sure to get out of its path to avoid damage. She will also spawn rock spikes from the ground which can hit from a distance. Push forth with the battle with gunfire and don’t get knocked out. The guardian will try and protect itself with a sand shield. Focus your aim on its head to deal double damage. Her last resort is a lethal sandstorm, just dodge it until you defeat her. 

Claim the ancient crate and its treasures and if you’re lucky enough, you might just take home a shiny AWM.

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