Top MLBB heroes to get Savage in the game


MLBB Savage Heroes

Getting a Savage in Mobile Legends or MLBB is no easy feat. It’s one of the most-bragged about (and elusive) achievements in the game. Other players often plead with their enemies to grant them the Savage upon reaching Maniac, while highly-skilled players strut their killer instincts. 

Choosing a hero will be a key, together with good positioning and timing of your attacks. Proper builds and emblems will play a huge part in ensuring that you are stronger to deliver the lethal blows. Also, playing with a squad will make it easier for your teammates to support you in landing the last hits. In this post, read up on our list on who to pick to get you that Savage in MLBB.

What is Savage in Mobile Legends?

MLBB Savage

It’s true that single-handedly wiping out an entire enemy team is hard, but it’s certainly doable. Savage is the term used when a player consecutively kills five enemy heroes briefly. Other prominent kill terms include First Blood (first kill), Double Kill (two consecutive kills), Triple Kill (three consecutive kills), and Maniac (four successive kills in a short period).

MLBB Heroes to use to get a Savage


Karina Gemini - Halo

This assassin who dances with her deadly blades is a shoo-in. Karina’s burst capability is massive, with her Shadow Assault ultimate capable of wiping out an entire squad as the skill’s cooldown is reset when a target with Shadow Mark is slain. She can also increase her movement speed and block all basic attacks, making her a mean killing machine.


Fanny Blade of Kibou

Ask Fanny mains, “Sir, what’s your command?” and they’ll reply with a Savage. The resurgence of the cable assassin sows fear on enemies as her Chase | Reap specialty dominates the battlefield again. Her passive increases her damage when flying, while her ultimate is capable of massive physical damage in a quick attack. Add a jungling equipment, throw in a spell vamp (Bloodlust Axe), and you got yourself a formidable Fanny!


Gusion Soul Revelation

Gusion is an assassin with tremendous burst/magic damage. With ample support, the Holy Blade can eliminate numerous enemies during teamfights. His magic damage scales up to lead in racking up the kills from early to late game. Enemies with critical HP are in grave danger, for Gusion can quickly chase them down to their demise. Gusion can even take down tanky heroes in just one combo when he completes his core items.


Wanwan Teen Pop

The late-game damage of this agile marksman spells disaster for opposing teams. Wanwan has tons of potential to dominate, let alone cop a Savage easily. Her ultimate is annoying, and its burst damage can cripple enemies. More importantly, the Crossbow of Tang is almost unstoppable. Wanwan can easily lift a team to victory with good positioning and proper build.


Aldous King of Supremacy

Let’s not forget about Moonton’s very own version of one-punch man. Aldous is not like any other fighter. When the Soul Contractor collects his late stacks  – a single strike from his mighty fist can send squishy heroes straight to a flatline. Others may toy with him during the early game, but once he gets his stacks (and build) going, Aldous will pick up his Savage punch after punch.


Roger Fiend Haunter

The poster boy of the recent M3 tournament, Roger, is still relevant in today’s meta. This fighter/marksman hybrid is a beast, both in form and performance. He gets more dangerous from mid to late game using a combination of ranged and melee attacks. His speed gives him excellent chasing and escaping capability. Top with his massive damage, get ready to hear Roger roar once he gets his 5-man kill.


Beatrix Blitz Attack

The Dawnbreak Soldier has a variety of means to dismantle her enemies. This marksman packs a staggering four-weapon setup, each with awe-inspiring firepower. Beatrix has a versatile skill set and has the luxury of interchanging weapons depending on distance and damage. She can also play multiple roles in different lanes. Her splash damage from mid to late game makes her a notorious hitman worthy of a Savage trophy.


Lancelot Floral Knight

Last but not least is Lancelot. This dashing assassin makes a killing with his insane agility. He can easily weave through enemies and dash multiple times while inflicting heavy physical damage. With an impeccable combination of chase and burst, enemies taking solace under turrets are not spared by Lancelot’s wrath. Pro players continue to make this hero more popular by putting on a show with his stunning gameplay.



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