Surf and Slay on Sand: The Ultimate MLBB Guide to Khaleed


Hero Guide - Mobile Legends Khaleed

Mobile Legends introduced another hero in Khaleed, the tireless leader of Artha Clan. One interesting fact about this sand-wielding warrior is his strong ties with the master spearton himself, Moskov. The two adventurers joined conquests together until one day; resentment and conflict severed their bond.

Learn the tricks of the trade for this agile and fearless fighter. Maximize on his Desert Power and deliver quicksand-killing moves to defeat enemies.


Passive Skill – Sand Walk

Khaleed’s unique passive skill generates Desert Power to create a sand skateboard to surf around. When his rage point is full, he will slide on sand and gain 25% movement speed. His next basic attack is enhanced allowing him to smash the surging sand on a target and enemies behind. The sand pool has a 30% slow effect.

First Skill – Desert Tornado

Khaleed turns to his scimitar and spins up to 5 times to strike physical damage to surrounding enemies. When an enemy is hit, Khaleed can leap one time towards the directional pad and cast the skill for 3 times max. Damage is increased by 20% for every cast and can be used against minions and jungle monsters.

Second Skill – Quicksand Guard

Khaleed generates a whirlwind quicksand around him for protection (reduces up to 70% damage depending on skill level) and restores lost HP. The quicksand has a 30% slow down effect on nearby enemies. The skill will be cancelled if he moves or casts a skill.

Ultimate Skill – Raging Sandstorm

Khaleed summons a massive sandstorm and rushes towards a target, pushes enemies slightly back and deals 150/225/300 (+80% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage. At the end of the path, enemies will be stunned for 1s. The ultimate gives Khaleed CC immunity which cannot be cancelled once it starts moving.

Best Battle Spells

Retribution: A bit of a slowpoke, Retribution will traction Khaleed in the farming department and allows him to even steal enemy buff.
Flicker: This will help in catching enemies on the escape as well as escaping a crowd in pursuit.

Best Emblem Sets

Magnify on his speed boost by using the Assassin Emblem. Use Killing Spree for extra heal and to pad his movement more by 20%. Equip Fighter Emblem to sustain his damage. Choose Bravery and Invasion and complete it with Festival of Blood for added spell Vamp.

Best Build

Focus on strengthening his damage and defense to gain advantage especially during late game.

Warrior Boots – Ups your physical defense early in the game plus movement speed
Bloodlust Axe – Gives good amount of damage, spell vamp and CD reduction
Blade of Despair – Increases your Physical Attack further
Queen’s Wings – For more sustainability and increase physical lifesteal
Oracle – Elevate shield absorption and HP regen up to 30%
Immortality – For extra defense purposes and ultimately save you an extra life

Skill Tips

Merge Sand Walk with its dash and slow effect wisely in your combo. Hit multiple enemies to optimize its AOE slow effect. Escape and catch up on fleeing enemies with the enhanced speed.

Always hit an enemy with the Desert Tornado or else, it’ll be ineffective. Positioning is vital to ensure the continuity of damage. Clear waves faster with the First + Second Skill Combo.

Always be careful when using the Quicksand Guard. Khaleed is prone to crowd control effect since this channeling spell locks him in place. Use this skill more to leverage during team fights and to push lanes.

Be decisive when opting to go for a total recall since Khaleed doesn’t use Mana at all and he can also heal. We suggest using recall to defend the base.

Make good use of his ultimate’s range of damage and AOE stun to cover as many enemies as possible. Be wary, you slightly lose the element of surprise because of its predictability when activated. To engage in team fights, pair his Ulti + First Skill to target more enemies and deal max burst damage. If you have Minotaur or Gatotkaca as your tank, pummel the opposition with absolute crowd control.

Overall, Khaleed is a well-rounded fighter. He is a good offlaner with better mobility, damage reduction, heal and crowd control immunity.

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