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Free Fire Grenade

Mastering the use of grenades in Free Fire gives the player and the team a significant advantage during the match. It’s not just about simply hurling this throwable weapon towards the enemy location. Others simply forget that they have it in their inventory. Knowing when and how to use a grenade correctly can dictate the tempo of the game. Read our quick guide to improve your grenade-throwing skills.

Grenade Stats

A grenade is a throwable weapon in Free Fire that deals damage to a large area. You can use it to flush enemies out of their hiding place, cause disruption and panic, and even destroy hostile enemy vehicles. Undeniably, a grenade is a powerful weapon if used properly.

Grenade Stats

How to use a Grenade

The grenade slot is located on the left side of the screen just below the medkit. Once you equip a grenade, press the fire/grenade button to reveal a red tracer that will show its trajectory. Note that it does not detonate on impact as it needs to wait for its fuse (a high-pitched sound) before it explodes.

If you want to damage your enemies, cook a grenade before throwing it. Don’t waste your grenade by making careless lobs. Secure kills on fallen enemies by making a quick grenade throw.

To switch back to your main weapon, simply press on the weapon hud on the top right side of your screen.

Types of Grenade in Free Fire

There are several types of grenades in the game that you can use in different situations. Let’s get to know them one by one.

  1. Grenade. The normal grenade is an explosive weapon that deals damage to everyone in its blast radius. Use this to disrupt and destroy your enemies! You can also cook the grenade first before throwing it.Grenade
  2. Gloo Wall Grenade. This type can be used to create a small wall cover on the ground, right towards the direction where the user is facing. Players can use up to 3 Gloo Walls and that they automatically disappear over time. It’s one of the most important items in the game so always try to carry one.Gloo Wall Grenade
  3. Flashbang. Blind your enemies using a flashbang. Enemies hit within the radius are also deafened for a short period of time. A deadly weapon when used properly, the flashbang can give you enough time to blind and kill enemies as they can’t shoot back. Be careful when throwing though as you can also be affected. Always throw it directly at your foes.

    Smoke and Flashbang
    Image Credit: Garena Free Fire Facebook
  4. Smoke Grenade. This throwable weapon generates a smoke cloud that obstructs an area, preventing enemies from seeing through. The smoke grenade is great for screening and flanking maneuvers and also disables aim assist.Smoke Grenade
  5. Decoy Grenade. Now this one is genius! The decoy grenade lets you create a fake player with its own durability and timer just like the gloo wall. Use this one to confuse your enemies to gain the upper hand.
  6. Brick Grenade. This unique item lets you create a brick tower in the selected location. You can then use a grappling hook to climb the tower and use it as your sniper tower. However, the tower disappears over time and can be destroyed by enemy attacks.

The OB28 update also added the new Ice Grenade that will explode and leave an aura that deals damage over time after the explosion. It features Deep Freeze – players inside the Ice Frost radius will have a 10% decrease in movement speed, 20% rate of fire, and receive 5-10 damages based on the duration inside the Ice Frost. The Ice Grenade is available in Battle Royale and Clash Squad.

Grenade Tips and Tricks

Oftentimes, grenades are neglected or completely forgotten. Using them in various situations can prove beneficial, both in offense and in defense.

  • Know the most ideal time to use a grenade. Use it when you want to make your enemies move out of their cover. This gives you the opportunity to shoot them at will.
  • Practice crouching when setting up a gloo wall to protect yourself from headshots. This also makes placing a gloo wall faster and more precise.
  • You can enhance your Gloo Walls with pets. Robo’s Wall Enforcement skill creates a protective shield on the Gloo Wall and gives it an extra HP buff, making it harder to destroy. Mr. Waggor can give you an extra Gloo Wall.

Robo and Mr. Waggor

Robo and Mr. Waggor

  • Use a frag grenade to knock out or kill an enemy who set up a Gloo Wall for cover.
  • If enemies are chasing you, slow them down by throwing grenades at them.
  • Try jumping when cooking a grenade to throw it farther away.
  • Need urgent healing but bullets are raining? Smoke-bomb your enemies and then quickly go for cover to use those medkits.
  • Practice throwing a grenade from the upper side for better accuracy.
  • During squad matches, enemies will try and hide inside houses. Once you’ve cornered them inside, start throwing grenades through the windows to stop them from escaping. Should they survive the blast damage, gunning them down will be easier.
  • Gloo walls are cooler than you think. You can actually use it to break your fall or even completely block an enemy within a corner. Simply throw a grenade at him for the finishing touch.

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